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  1. riekal

    Push notification Jacker? Is this possible or jail time?

    Nope...move along to the next idea.
  2. riekal

    Amazing Graphics (logo -Banners -Social Covers) and Web Designing services start at $9

    Ordered yesterday and he delivered several logo options in less than 12 hours. Highly recommended, and I will be using him again!
  3. riekal

    media buy skype group

    Sheesh, talk about grave digging. I didn't realize the thread was too old till after I sent a PM to the guy lol! I need to make a tool that'll flag threads that are old so that I don't fall victim to grave digging like this again.
  4. riekal

    Hair extensions and wigs

    Says the owner of Jarod Hair Imports lol
  5. riekal

    Hair extensions where do resellers get good prices from?

    That site looks pretty basic...have they been around for long? Are you affiliated with them in any way? I'm also interested in hair extensions. Anyone that has info about this, feel free to PM me.
  6. riekal

    Here's an exploit to use or at least get you thinking differently

    same here, video doesn't exist.
  7. riekal

    Let's Do Some Mailing - 500 Piece - SEO Clients - BOOM!

    Very nice! I'll be waiting on this one!
  8. riekal

    Let's Do Some Mailing - 500 Piece - SEO Clients - BOOM!

    netmoney1 - your threads are always completely filled with gold. It's easy for people reading this to get super motivated and excited, so to everyone that's reading his threads, don't find yourself being excited just for netmoney1 and to see his results.....Take his threads and tweak them and do...
  9. riekal

    pay-per-lead question - automating delivery of email leads to paying clients

    This is an easy thing to achieve. I can help you get something setup that will work perfectly and custom to you. Feel free to add me on skype: rLekal
  10. riekal doing PPC arbitrage

    yeah, has been doing this for ages, and G has said or done nothing about it. The rules, apparently, only apply to the 'small fish'
  11. riekal

    [Method] Leverage Your Local "Celebrity" And Gain Instant Credibility

    Yet another pound of gold by Netmoney! As always, much appreciated!
  12. riekal

    Make Money Using Adwords Traffic Worth $2500

    Create your own product and push broad traffic to it.
  13. riekal

    Verify Paypal to Lift Spending Limits

    Looking for someone that can help me verify my paypal to lift my spending limit. I am not able to add my normal bank account for some reason, so I'm trying to find alternate ways. PM me if you can help. (or message me on skype)
  14. riekal

    [Method] Turn $300 And An Afternoon Of No Pressure Information Into $24,000

    super interesting method man! Great job.
  15. riekal

    Looking for Tier-1 installs

    Cool, I got it. I replied.
  16. riekal

    Looking for Tier-1 installs

    As the title says, I'm looking for someone that can deliver a steady flow of Tier-1 installs. By tier-1 i mean, USA/CA/EU/AUS etc.. I think you get the point. If this is something that you can do, then maybe we can partner together. Feel free to PM me if you'd like. Oh, and Please, no cpa...
  17. riekal

    CLADG Service

    He is talking about CLAD Genius I think. CraigsList Ad Genius.
  18. riekal

    What is offline CPA?

    I'm not 100% sure, but it sounds like someone that' doing lead gen for offline companies. Such as selling roofing leads to a roofer or teeth whitening leads to a cosmetic dentist. I could be wrong though.