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    Post your lowest Thruplay on Facebook ads.

    By promoting music content to a relevant audience, I worked my Thruplay down to 0.014 AU. I want to know how low is possible, given that it is really based on CTR and mine is 20 percent from impressions to Thruplay. Ideally you must need a lot higher percentage rate to lower the cost. I am...
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    PvaCreator and AIOStream are legit, even though everyone here slanders them

    I purchased a few licenses from them to create accounts last week and I did have a few issues, but the hours that they dedicated to helping me were invaluable. If you run their software a non-fresh system, a whole lot can go wrong. Antivirus and firewalls alone can mess up the smallest issues...
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    Musicians, how would you promote your music in 2021?

    Looking to promote and release some music this year. Just wondering what techniques you guys would use. i'm thinking of a fanpage method for youtube, instagram, twitter then mTurk for youtube videos. Then spotify botting with 100 accounts to link the songs to similar artists (same for...
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    Free VPS' in 2020 (One CC needed)

    People are always reselling aws vps' on here, or mentioning the $100 free credit on digital ocean. the thing is, those platforms require a new card and identity each time you sign up. on the other hand, Microsoft Azure dont check previously used cards and will give you $200 credit (lasting two...
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    We need an API for Jr Vips so we can scrape our own threads for sales/giveaways

    So I had this idea to be able to say, provide a giveaway of followers/comments/ect but I wouldn't want to manually process it and provide delays to the users. Cloudfare uses HCapture and it's very annoying to bypass, alongside the fact that scraping may be against BHW TOS. It would be a...
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    Attention Freelancers: Beware of VAs rehiring and scamming

    So on the weekend, user @hudacse6 posted a job for a laravel programming task. He said there would be "errors" that needed to be fixed. Nope, it was actually to integrate a broken, stolen russian gambling site with an equally broken homemade casino api. After dealing with his intolerable...
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    Do Fiverr reviews really result in sales for new accounts?

    Every man and his VA seem to be buying fiverr reviews on here now. Do basic services with reviews really get sales?
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    Mark all as read in inbox??

    havent been on here in a while and diamond dan has sent me 71 emails i have to open. no thanks. there's no mark all as read function is there? i am a bit ocd with stuff like unread emails.
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    Linking to Youtube for music streams. Any tips or methods?

    Im looking to regularly post music on reddit in the metal niche to get ideally 1k views per post. I have upvotes, accounts, everything but the genre subreddits are a little too small in terms of online users and the larger ones have a small CTR. Looking for any ideas. Thanks
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    Can you spread a viral meme and meme template? Will pay $$$

    So I need someone with a good botnet that would be able to push memes into instagram. contact me if you are able to get something with massive reach happening. payment will be discussed.
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    HQ Cultural Youtube Comments for Labels

    GIVEAWAY Launching a huge music video next week and i need people with music youtube channels that want to get free youtube comments. i have been using my youtube accounts to post a comment, upvote, reply and create conversations. I am willing to give away 1000 comments this week to the 10...
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    CTR based view optimisation

    Youtube's algorithm looks at CTR for suggested videos that your video is used as to understand relevance and to understand whether to continue showing it. Anyone know of services that offer views as well as scraping for any suggestions of the video being promoted in order to boost the CTR that...