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    Rank your Amazon Product/Keyword first page TOP position with VVRO and Deals Site promotion; Best & Only Techniques for 2021 so far.

    Hi everyone, The most effective and dominating Black Hat Techniques for Amazon eBay Keyword and Product Ranking is now VVRO. Which stands for 'Very Very Real Order'. In short, you have to go through potential customers via different methods and techniques and make them buy your product like...
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    Amazon eBay e-Com Product / Keyword Ranking 2021, General Discussion.

    Years ago, the SEO professional as well as general Seller ownself used so-called SEO methods like Wish List, Gift List, Add to Card SAdCI, etc. to rank up Amazon Product Listing and Boost Sales. Ever since July 2017, things have been changed and all those previous Black Hat techniques don't work...
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    Amazon Seller Central Assistant and Google Voice & Gmail Account Creation Services.

    *** Satisfied Work or 100% money-back guarantee ***
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    Creating multiple Gmail Accounts.

    Creating multiple Google account (Gmail) is absolutely against Google's terms and conditions. I'm quite familiar with it. My concern is about some guys around me creating a huge number of Gmail Account like Google Voice account. The amount they're creating each day is merely insane, up-to 1K+...
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    A quick question to PPC professionals.

    Hey guys, for the PPC pros. Once you create an Exact Match Manual campaign, you negativize the same keywords in the Auto Campaigns? For example ‘Orange juice’ in the Exact, put that same keyword in negative in the Auto campaign? Haven't tried yet but just wondering, is this a good practice? Thanks
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    PPC: high bidding or high budget?

    Hi everyone! Besides proper research, analytics and finding out appropriate keywords what's better? High bidding or high budget? We're spending a lot on PPC for different accounts and not making that many sales. For some product sales is quite disappointing.
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    Changing brands after the first lockdown.

    After the first lockdown, did you change your brands so you're not f**ked this time around? What's going in your mind about the upcoming second lockdown?
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    Getting a model number.

    We're having a problem with one of our business. How do we go about getting a model number for a generic product? We're doing it that way to get started since I don’t have our brand registered yet. We have a UPC that was bought for the listing. But can’t get pass the model number. We have a...
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    Dumping money in a high volume keyword.

    I have a question on my mind and it's consistently hunting me. If for example, you're doing a launch, and your biggest keyword(highest search volume) that your competitors are ranked for is in your PPC campaign. But is performing terribly. 30 clicks, $30 spent, and no sales. Is there ever a time...
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    Gaining Social Proof.

    Peoples are getting mad about their e-Commerce business startup or getting rapid sales and reputation that I often Asked question like this " Zero reviews, any pro tips on gaining social proof? " You guys please leave some pro tips here. ;) Thanks :)
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    Google Voice Account.

    I see many boys group in our country creating Google Voice Account numerously. Many foreign customers (even from the USA) are buying it at a massive rate. I don't understand whether it is so beneficial that many are placing bulk orders. In my city, there are many teams creating those accounts...
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    Branding question.

    Anyone ever hired a marketing company for branding? This is what I was quoted. I really have no idea when it comes to these services and it’s hard for me to put a value on it. Any input would be greatly appreciated! N. B. what are the most important questions I should ask?
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    Amazon latest Algorithm update and previous SEO methods.

    Hi Amazon Sellers, Everything changed about Amazon product/keyword ranking after lasted Algorithm Update. We all know that this massive update happened during April - October 2017, this updating process may be still continuing. Undoubtedly this last update is strongest “known as Amazon A10” and...
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    Walmart sales growth and impact of Product / Keyword Ranking.

    Hi Walmart Sellers! First of all, I beg pardon for my bad English, I hope you guys will consider me as I'm not a native English speaker. Today I'm going to share an SEO idea for Walmart Business and hope this will help the Walmart sellers as well as other e-commerce sellers. It's high time to...
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    Hi everybody!

    Hi everybody! Nice to meet you all. I'm an e-commerce marketing professional and new to this forum. I'm looking here to gather more information about online marketing and enriches my knowledge also share my ideas. Thanks