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  1. milans

    PayPal keeps a shitload of my cash for 90 days + gives it away. Beware of these bastards!!

    Hi Guys, I run several e-commerce drop shipping websites selling different types of products. I mainly use PayPal in the UK to accept credit card payments and PayPal payments. About one week ago PayPal decided to limit my account for no reason at all. Sure there were some open disputes due to...
  2. milans

    Blasted e-commerce site with 8000 bookmarks

    I bought a lot of social bookmarks from crork and they overdelivered so now 8000 bookmarks are pointing at my 8 month old e-commerce site. Do you guys think my site will be penalized or something because of the big amount of links in a short period? Linkbuilding has been done to the site...
  3. milans

    Do link pyramids only work long term?

    Hey Guys, I've been building a couple of link pyramids lately to a couple of my sites. To be honest I haven't seen much serp improvements. When linking directly to my money site I see improvements but somehow the pyramid thing doesn't really do anything so far. I've build my pyramids as...
  4. milans

    Warning: 5345 emails have been sent yesterday by admin

    Just got this warning by Direct Admin in my inbox: ------------------------------------------------- A new message or response with subject: Warning: 5345 emails have been sent yesterday by admin has arrived for you to view. Follow this link to view it...
  5. milans

    Proxies for Virtual Assistants

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for a decent private proxy service for my VA's. The are in either India or in the phillipines. I can imagine the US proxies I normally use will be very slow when they use it. What proxy service would you guys recommend or are you using? Many thanks, Milan
  6. milans

    Check nulled scripts for virus

    Hi BHW, Not sure where to post this thread. I''m wondering if there is a way to check a nulled script for virusses / security risks / sending information to third party? Does anybody know a good program or script to check this?
  7. milans

    Status and avatar

    Hi, I still have the newbie status and can't use a custom avatar/signature. Looks like some kind of bug in the forum. Is there a way I can fix this? Thanks :D
  8. milans

    Anchor text multilanguage effect?

    Hi Guys, Does anybody know if google translates anchor texts for search results? For example: I have a french website targetting "lunettes de soleil" or french for "sunglasses". If I build links with the anchortext "sunglasses" to this site, will it help in the serps for the french keyword...
  9. milans


    Hi Guys, I'm wondering if anyone is using linklicious for getting backlinks indexed and what your experiences are with this service? I'm thinking of getting an account but I'm also considering uploading rss feeds to my own server and pinging/bookmarking manually as an alternative. Thanks for...
  10. milans

    Check PR for fake or real

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know how to check if PR is real? I can't find it using the search function. Thanks :)
  11. milans

    Custom Avatar?Signature

    Hi guys, Might be a bit of a n00b question but where can I change my avatar and signature to custom ones? I can't seem to find it anywhere and I have more than 50 posts and I'm a member for more than a month? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  12. milans

    What is the use of spinning articles?

    Hi, I post spun articles with AMR, Seo Link Robot and xgenseo and I was wondering if spinning is really neccessary. Is spinning only useful for ranking the individual articles better or does it also increase the link juice to the main site significantly? If not I really don't see the use of...
  13. milans

    Best Affiliate network UK (for merchant)?

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anybody has recommendations for a specific affiliate network. I currently have a couple of retail web shops and I am looking for a good affiliate network to promote my products through. My websites are mainly aiming on UK customers. Ofcourse I'd prefer not to...