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  1. emgxxg

    Craigslist Harvester - Need Beta Testers!

    Looks ineresting, I would be more than glad to test it for u.
  2. emgxxg

    Forex Worth It?

    I was all prepared to go to sleep and then i found this post. Before I say anything further, I have traded in Forex Markets and Do trade it once in a while, but its not my instrument of choice, those would be Options, Stocks and Index Futures(e-mini's), in the order specified. First to target...
  3. emgxxg

    1million pixel

    As all the other ppl have mentioned that business is completely saturated, but I for one did run it a couple of years ago based on an hyip structure, i stopped it as I had other things to focus on, but you could try coming up with a system similar to lotto. Brainstorm, keep the legal stuff...
  4. emgxxg - For Sale???

    So i am assuming you own this? If yes I'd like to discuss some stuff with you via, PM cannot guarantee a purchase but have a few people who may be interested.
  5. emgxxg

    Adult Blog (18+) Messed up need help pls!

    on line 199 of style.css change: #content { float:left; width:550px; } to: #content { float:left; width:538px; } That should fix it for IE, if it does not PM me you sidebar.php and style.css and i'll fix it for you. Secondly I have no idea why you'd have the problem in FF of all the places...
  6. emgxxg

    Adult Blog (18+) Messed up need help pls!

    in style.css change the following: on line 205: change: #item { background:transparent url(images/itemborder.gif) no-repeat center bottom; color:#333333; height:155px; margin:0 0 15px; width:530px; } to: #item { background:transparent url(images/itemborder.gif) no-repeat center bottom...
  7. emgxxg

    ??OMG!! Help!!!

    Rule of Thumb For Trouble-Shooting anything - "see if it works elsewhere", that said what you need to do is: 1) Check if the problem exists with IE/safari/chrome or any other browser you may have. If it does not, then the problem is not with mouse settings. 2) Restart Firefox, if this does not...
  8. emgxxg

    Are Auto Blogs Dying Out?

    are auto blogs dead! no. if you have a set of 'em that are established they are in good territory, there are of course the ones that aren't established. Its similar to the story of MFA's the were here, they were all over, they were gone.. oh wait we started calling them autoblogs, and we added...
  9. emgxxg

    Proliferation of Avatars that are NSFF / NSFW

    Actually I would have under normal circumstances agreed to the OP, except there are very few variables that would be considered normal. I can choose a couple of tangents, but I'll pick up something I feel for and agree with. Anything that is blackhat has no reason to be showed to children in...
  10. emgxxg

    Can anyone code a proxy php script?

    alright see if you can use this to make the php proxy thing work: Hope it works! Cheers!!
  11. emgxxg

    Can anyone code a proxy php script?

    bape, are you using a custom script to send your email, and one problem that you will need to combat is any php script(for sending mail) will remain a server-side code. Try using a javascript option if you have one, i'll look around and see if I can find one. And for controlling your ip just...
  12. emgxxg

    need to edit email list any good programs?

    Thats definitely a nifty piece of code, and 100 million 'eh? I'd love to get my hands on that one.. lol. Cheers!!
  13. emgxxg

    1st Blog Farm, Experiment... Almost set, need some suggestions.

    First and foremost remember: Google treats sub-domains like normal domains, you will just need to make sure you do not get yourself flagged as a spam domain (its never happend to me, so I cannot vouch for this first-hand). As far as selecting short names or long-tail keywords are considered...
  14. emgxxg

    Getting a WP blog to not look like a blog?

    Laffe, frankly I use wordpress for everything and all the websites I have made for my corporate clients are also made with wordpress. Its frankly all in the design and special page templates, and the only plugin that I really ever need is Advanced Category Excluder, it does exactly as the...
  15. emgxxg

    Move Wordpress to New Server and Domain

    btw, for permalinks: some hosts including and especially Godaddy take some time for permalinks to become active. So the best thing to do would be to give your host some time to change it. The more you try fixing it the longer it usually take, let it be for a couple of hours and see if it helps...
  16. emgxxg

    Where do I stand?

    frankly, I have been in this situation before, as the coder/designer, and for a series of days had the unfortunate luck of missing the client on MSN etc, but that still does not explain a 4 day delay in emailing. Frankly if no payment has been made you are in no way under a binding contract...
  17. emgxxg

    Tutorial: How to be a total blackhat TURD [READ IT OR DIE]

    Henry are you sure you've never requested people to hit the "thanks" button. Forget threads its in your signature :) And in my personal opinion you shouldn't be stingy, and should share.. with people who wont trash the method and shorten the life cycle of the particular version of the method...
  18. emgxxg

    Die Craigslist. I'm so fucking done

    Really sucks when that happens, though I still(fortunately) rarely need to use my backup connection. Its a pain to get my IP changed with my ISP.
  19. emgxxg offering reseller hosting

    I had considered using fasthosts but scrapped the idea, they are quite terrible, if you ever have a problem they will screw you on support (it costs a flat 70-140$ an hour) even when its their mistake. Anyways I think i could have signed up using a vcc, dint think of that before, will try it...
  20. emgxxg

    $25 To the One Who can Tell me Solution For this.

    If you are willing to spend some money go buy a copy of amember, you may find it nulled too, havent checked. Cheers!!