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  1. Ybba Semad

    IG Jarvee Type Web-based Software Without Proxies?

    I have been using a web based software (kind of like Instagress) - I imagine they're using something like Jarvee to manage it all. However, it's only real accounts - about 10 real clients that access their accounts on their phones as well. Is it okay to continue without adding proxies or will...
  2. Ybba Semad

    Wordpress Avada Theme Replacement Possible?

    Hi guys, I have a client whos original developer used an Avada theme. I didn't realize it was nulled or something because I updated it and now nothing works in it. He's now telling her it was a GPL copyo_O. I see we have a few copies here in BHW. Is it possible for me to delete the existing...
  3. Ybba Semad

    International Coinbase Alternative - Please Help

    Hi, a friend of mine is in the Bahamas and I recommended Coinbase which is apparently not supported. Can you confirm what she can use internationally to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash? She tried but it seems impossible to get your money back or send the...
  4. Ybba Semad

    Can't Reach MaxBounty

    Hi, does anyone have problems getting in touch with Max Bounty? Tried reaching my affiliate manager for two days, calling all day during business hours EST. I only get voicemail. Got an email from a different affiliate manager who claimed he tried calling (no missed calls). He didn't leave an...
  5. Ybba Semad SEO & Marketing Service

    I've used this website for Instagram and it was okay. Has anyone used the SEO service? Is it worth it?
  6. Ybba Semad

    Schema Errors: Affect SEO?

    Hello Everyone, I receive the following error when testing my schema: "Failed to normalize the rating value." Is it absolutely necessary to resolve the error? Do errors in the schema/structured data reduce page rank, affect SEO etc.? The workaround to fix the error is to change the "worst...
  7. Ybba Semad - Any Backlink Reviews?

    Hi, Have any of you used this website in the past year? Does it truly create 105 free backlinks and then ping them? If so, can I use it on a money site or only for the other tiers? If so, are the links directories or something else? Spammy etc.? Can't wait to hear your input. -Ybba
  8. Ybba Semad

    Backlinks from a 404 Not Found Page?

    Hi Everyone, My competitor recently got 445 backlinks from a webpage that says "404 Not Found | nginx/1.4.4" when I visit it. It looks like it may have been an Asian directory. I'm curious to know if the links will remain on his profile (SEM Rush/other link checkers) or if they will disappear...
  9. Ybba Semad

    Becoming a Huffington Post Blogger

    Does anyone know the level of difficulty or ease it takes to become a Huffington Post blogger? I have a little cousin that's an author on it and i'm a bit baffled. She writes sometimes, but I wouldn't deem her as a writer or editor. I sent in a blog pitch based on direction from Rana Campbell...
  10. Ybba Semad

    Just How Important Are Social Signals?

    Hi BHW, If this question is dumb, please forgive me. I know social signals, are important, but how important are they? For example, are "social blasts" necessary or is "regular traffic" good enough to rank well? The threads I found on BHW are older or involve social signals being very...
  11. Ybba Semad

    Indexing Backlinks (Small Quantities)

    Hi Everyone, I've been searching for a recent thread on how I can index a few backlinks to no avail. I'm taking the slow and steady approach to link building and I have 6 SAPE Links (thanks to another thread) that I would like to index. Also, I will probably need to index 1-2 websites per...
  12. Ybba Semad

    Fiverr for Linkbuilding

    Hi guys, Please don't tear my head off. I know Fiverr has mostly garbage sellers, but are there any at all that you trust for link building? Maybe a small number of sensible links for 5 bucks? If not are there any similar sources that you REALLY trust? -Ybba
  13. Ybba Semad

    Allow Me To Introduce Myself *JayZ Voice*

    Hi Black Hat World, i'm Ybba, big fan! I've been lurking within the forum for years. Nevertheless, after reading one of T0mmy's posts today I mustered up the courage to register. What could it hurt? :) I'll still be lurking, but i'm looking forward to actively joining some of the discussions...