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  1. mirrorer

    Adsense for Crypto website question

    Does AdSense approve crypto news websites? Is anyone using AdSense on a crypto blog/website without issues? I checked some of the top news crypto websites and almost none is using AdSense and I am wondering why.
  2. mirrorer

    Custom order/client management panel cost?

    I've seen some neat and nice order/client management panels from people selling services here. Especially those who sell social media stuff. I was wondering how much does a custom panel like that cost? What's the best technology to use? I sell web traffic and manage the clients and order via...
  3. mirrorer

    Anybody running profitable News website/s?

    Is anybody running a profitable news website/network of websites here? Recently I bought a G news approved domain. The niche I've chosen is a tough Although I have my own ideas & ways to monetize and grow it, it never hurts to hear more opinions & ideas. I am looking for tips...
  4. mirrorer

    Tired of Your CPA Network’s Low-Converting Offers? You need to read this.

  5. mirrorer

    Sales Page Designer

    As the title says, I am looking for a sales page designer. Send me a pm along with samples ,price ant TAT. I am looking for lean & premium design. If you're not a VIP here or don't have a BST I won't pay upfront.
  6. mirrorer

    It takes 3 years to rank #1 on Google, a "study" says.... What do you guys think?
  7. mirrorer

    Wordpress Security Update - Update All Your WP Sites!

    Hey guys I got this email from one of my hosting providers & thought to share it with you as well. There seems to be some scurity issues with previous version of wp therefore is recommended to update your wp. Full details here...
  8. mirrorer

    Is anchor over optimization a myth ? Food for thoughts

    I am doing kw research on some competitive niches To my surprise, most of them use their main anchor text most of the time and rule top results on serps. For example, this guy has a whole dedicated pbn with 1 page post to his money site and he is using his main anchor text 40%+ Results...
  9. mirrorer

    Rank tracker where I can import history from serpbook

    Hello, Does anyone knows any rank tracker where I can import ranking history from Serpbook? They are unreliable lately with slow site speed , false & inaccurate results.
  10. mirrorer

    Best WordPress framework for free themes?

    Hello guys, Not sure how many wp developers here but I have a question. Which is the best WordPress framework (paid or free) that I can use it to develop/design themes and give the themes away for free without any licensing trouble... I did some research and there are lot of frameworks but not...
  11. mirrorer

    [WTB] Amazon AWS coupons/vouchers

    Title says it all. Pm me with your skype,the voucher value and the price. Newbies have to send first,established members & vips will get paid upfront.
  12. mirrorer

    Istanbul airport explosions - 28 dead ISIS again ?

    Did you heard about this ?? just happened 1h ago.. airport explosion in Istanbul with 28 dead so far..... WTF is wrong with those people (ISIS) ?
  13. mirrorer

    Would you pay $500 for this kind of domain ?

    Domain 1. It has lot of edu & gov links.Clean link profile & archive.Non dropped since 1996 .org $500 Domain 2 .org ,failed startup with links from Blomberg,tech sites. clean link profile & archive, registered 3 months ago (the guy bought it expired as it seems because it has history before...
  14. mirrorer

    So I got an infraction because I stated some true facts about a BST thread - Deserved ?

    Early this morning I went through BST to look for links. 1 thread caught my attention and interest The seller was promising real outreach guest posts on real blogs. Price range $50 to $250 for a post which seemed reasonable for a guest post. So far so good,so I asked him for samples in my...
  15. mirrorer

    Simple proof why site age is another Guru BS and how big sharks rank

    Over the last few weeks I've been analyzing some big players in SEO filed in tough niches and how they rank. They had something very common. Can you guess what ?? Quality links from quality sites.I know ,shocking..... They are buying links from every possible site with authority.Niche is...
  16. mirrorer

    Scammed $150 by JuggernautJukey - Content not delivered

    Seller: JuggernautJukey BST: On 27 Jan I placed an order of 10k words with Logan aka JuggernautJukey Proof: He promised me to deliver the...
  17. mirrorer

    New planet may have been discovered in our solar system ....

    They call it the 9th planet Do you think they knew already about it but kept it secret for some reason ?
  18. mirrorer

    Buying your unused domains (Bulk buy-including domains with serp penalties )

    Hello guys. I am looking to buy domains that are sitting in your accounts and you're not using them as long as they have 1 month left before expiring and private who is. .com & .net for now It doesn't matter how you used them as long as they weren't used for malign and don't include...
  19. mirrorer

    [WTB] Instagram Traffic/Visitors - Paying per 1k

    I am looking to buy instagram traffic in the following niches: Motivation Entrepreneur Luxury Make Money Online Rich People and everything related to above. I may also test generic traffic. I am looking for long term and quality providers. Please pm me with your price for 1k visitors and...
  20. mirrorer

    How to allow ONLY normal users , google ,yahoo and bing only via .htaccess??

    Hello Does any know how to allow only normal users/visitors , google bot,yahoo & bing to crawl/visit a website? Is this possible at all? I did find this code SetEnvIfNoCase User-Agent .*google.* search_robot SetEnvIfNoCase User-Agent .*yahoo.* search_robot SetEnvIfNoCase User-Agent .*bot.*...