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  1. redrubies

    Hello Lovelies :)

    Hi guys! Just signed in to say hi. Hope everyone is well. Nothing new here. Still selling antiques locally and just on etsy. I love the local customer interaction. I don't miss the stress of having a busy website jewelry store at all or trying to keep it high up in google. Antiques have...
  2. redrubies

    Hello Lovelies :)

    Just came by to say hi. Hope everyone is well. I gave everything up to work on my first love and passion which is antiques. I held my breath and killed the jewelry store, which is what I raised my kids on as a single parent. I don't miss it at all. I sell a lot locally which is what I was...
  3. redrubies

    Hi Guys!

    I just wanted to say hi to everyone. I have been selling a lot offline now and am loving it. But I missed you guys!
  4. redrubies

    Pinterest Ads Link?

    I was invited to do Pinterest ads. The link in the email was a secret link and was not visible through search engines. I somehow deleted the email and now I don't have the link any more. Does anyone have a link to Pinterest ads?
  5. redrubies

    Happy Easter!

    Happy Easter to everyone who is celebrating today! Enjoy the day.
  6. redrubies

    My New Favorite Website

    It's a live web cam in Africa. The web cam is positioned at a watering hole, so all the animals go to it sooner or later. Right now there is an elephant drinking water. The background noise is very relaxing. At night the sounds are incredible. High quality camera moves and zooms, and...
  7. redrubies

    I'm Sad And Need Hugs

    I had the best day. I was excited all day because I was selling jewelry left and right. Then someone on facebook said they were selling some things from Ikea, and as life sometimes gets odd, one of the things they were selling was the same stool that Techxan was looking for. I bursted out...
  8. redrubies

    Happy New Year BHatters!

    Wishing everyone a New Year filled with health, happiness, and good fortune. May you all be showered with blessings. Love you guys!
  9. redrubies

    Shopping at Amazon, want to give an Amazon affiliate the commission

    I got a $50 Amazon gift card for Christmas and am going to buy some stuff. I wanted someone who needs the money to give me their affiliate link so they can get a commission. It's not much, but I hate to let a sale go to waste. Send me your link if you want the commission.
  10. redrubies

    Terrorists Holding People Hostage In Sydney, Australia

    Praying that the victims are okay. I'm watching it live.
  11. redrubies

    Target Loves Me :)

    Awwwwwww. I love you too Target! Below is a beautiful email I received this morning where Target professed their love for me: We have to advise you that our online shop has you order. Pick it up in the store or in our online shop. Follow this link now (link taken out by me) for the code...
  12. redrubies

    Quick Question Regarding Content Lockers & Surveys

    I'm doing something totally out of my expertise and am still learning. How long should I put the timer on the content locker for a survey? I don't know how long the survey is because Max Bounty does not let me fill out my own, even when just testing it.
  13. redrubies

    $1 Per Post To Just Copy & Paste Post To Popular Coupon/Deal Forums - Ongoing Work

    If you belong to any of the popular coupon/freebie/deal forums such as fatwallet, slickdeals, etc, I am paying $1 per post to just copy and paste what I write for you. Must have established account and posting history at the website/websites that you will be posting my coupon on. I would like...
  14. redrubies

    Is This A Good Deal? Android Tablet

    I saw this on AOL. Is this a good deal or a piece of junk? It would be a gift for a child who is 10 years old.
  15. redrubies

    WizGizmo Is The Best!

    Wiz shared a download a couple of months ago of video sketching software. For anyone who didn't see it, you really have to. This thing is amazing. I have been sitting here for five minutes staring at the video that I made. It's hypnotic. You don't even have to use the pictures that they...
  16. redrubies

    Why Was My Signature Replaced With A Disrespectful Notice?

    If there was something wrong with my signature, then I should have been told instead of having my signature replaced. Below is what my signature was replaced with. Is that supposed to be funny? Because it's not. It's rude and disrespectful.
  17. redrubies

    Nice Little Facebook Tip For Your Page To Get More Visibility And Sales

    I started using the trending topics on facebook to get higher reach. Every morning, take the trending topic and post about it. Use the share button on the news site that is in the trending topic and post using that. Use hashtags in your post. Your reach goes way up every time you post about...
  18. redrubies

    Suggesion For The Dropshipping/Wholesale Section

    There should be strict requirements for the wholesale/dropshipping section. Right now anyone can open a thread in there and sell their wares. Maybe 500 posts, or JR Vip's only allowed to sell in there. Something strict because there is fraud that goes on in there. There is a thread right now...
  19. redrubies

    For The US - Have A Good Labor Day Weekend

    Last barbeques of the year before the dreaded snow comes. I hope you all have a happy Labor Day weekend. Be safe. Don't drink and drive. Enjoy the long weekend and relax. Post what you're eating if you're having a picnic. I'm having chicken, potato salad, corn on the cob, green salad...
  20. redrubies

    RIP Robin Williams

    Wow. This is so sad. He had so much talent.