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  1. blackerjack

    What would you different to this ClickBank site.

    That won't work. Create a new landing page.
  2. blackerjack

    With the update, not only small sites but also large sites lost huge traffic.

    It's no longer about the money, it's about being #1.
  3. blackerjack

    Anyone using PayOp as a payment gatway

    You'll be amazed what 1 guy with a good script and/or coder can do. You can easily set up a service like this . Ofcourse it will be a scam but a "safe" one. Since in the fine print (which most people don't read anyway), you can withhold their funds for any number of spurious reasons. It's not...
  4. blackerjack

    Is it possible to earn $600k?

    Of course it's possible. You need to select the right vehicle to get you there. Selling a $10 ebook is unlikely to get you there. Look at a recurring revenue model and you only have to set it up once and then maintain and tweak. In fact I'm experimenting/investigating one such module right now...
  5. blackerjack

    What does it take to make money online??

    None of the above answers will make you money. They're all incidental to making money. To make real money you must provide VALUE for a specific group of people (market) who have a desire or need (preferably desperate) for your solution (product or service). The Value your product or service...
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    Hello guys i am new here

    merry christmas
  7. blackerjack

    Wouldn't fiverr reviews get my account penalized?

    Why don't you get them to "buy" your gig to make it more legit?
  8. blackerjack

    40 pages of ORM Gems from BHW!!!

    Thank you for the effort. Much appreciated. Don't mind ungrateful people.
  9. blackerjack

    40 pages of ORM Gems from BHW!!!

    Thank you for the effort. Much appreciated.
  10. blackerjack

    VPN Service Provider!

    Express vpn was/is good, but recently sold to Israeli company for +$1 Billion and CTO indicted for helping Arab Emerates govt spy on their adversaries. Do google search. Beware.
  11. blackerjack

    VPN Service Provider!

    I agree.
  12. blackerjack

    Is it possible to make a fake ID and confirm it for coinbase?

    Try to find other exchanges that do not require KYC. It's getting harder all the time. And yes, KYC defeats the purpose of crypto anonymnity. I found the easiest way is to buy from private vendors on forums like this.
  13. blackerjack

    Best Google AdWords Training paid or free for Affiliate Marketers?

    That's not adwords. That's adsense.
  14. blackerjack

    How to invest on low budget?

    Get good as these 2 skills and you'll never want for money. 1. Copywriting 2. Media buying - master Google Adwords first. You can make $100 or $1,000 or $10,000 daily.