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  1. durchi

    Amazon Developer App Submissions needed

    Hello folks, we need somebody to submit multiple android apps for us (casino related). Content for the descriptions, screenshots, logos, and the apps itself will be provided. App must go live. PM me with your price per successful submission.
  2. durchi

    High quality real Google review

    We are looking for some German individuals who can post a Google review from a real account. You should have written some reviews before so it's an established account (minimum 3 prior reviews). Offering $10 per review. Please PM me with your account data.
  3. durchi

    Car / automotive guest posts

    I need guest posts on the following sites.
  4. durchi

    Firefox Addon Reviewers

    We still need some reviews for several firefox addons ( No need for long texts, you should be able to provide them yourself. Most of the time short reviews are okay to me (e.g. "nice", "okay"). People from the US or European countries preferred. You should have an...
  5. durchi

    Firefox addon reviews wanted - 20 reviews

    I need ~20 reviews for a firefox addon ( No need for long texts, you should be able to provide them yourself. Most of the time short reviews are okay to me (e.g. "nice", "okay"). Please PM your rate per review. People who've done this before and provide sticky...
  6. durchi

    Fast press release submission

    I need someone to post two press releases to fast approval directories, PR must be live within the next two hours. I have two press releases for two sites which need to be submitted to instant approval directories (you could pick those). I don't want links from
  7. durchi

    German texter for car related articles

    Hey there, looking for a German writer who could deliver 10-20k words until Sunday or Monday (urgent order). Paying $15 per 1000 words. Please PM me with a sample text. I don't need university grad quality. Kind regards
  8. durchi

    Paying up to $10 per TripAdvisor review

    I need 30+ TripAdvisor reviews for a local german business. Paying $5-$10 based on account activity and age. Accounts should be legit and not new. Review text could be supplied if you don't feel comfortable writing it yourself. Contact me via PM for further instructions or discussion. Having...
  9. durchi

    German people - 3 minutes of work - $3

    Hey folks, I need ~30 people which operate from germany or have legit german residential ips. I need a working email adress from you (could be your spammail as long as you have access to it). You will get a review link to a site similar to trustedshops where you leave a generic five star review...
  10. durchi

    Looking for RSS directory submissions

    I need somebody that has access to 10+ sites which still approve RSS feeds. You'll get the needed descriptions, title, tags and so on (german), just need to submit. I just want directories that are still active and approve fast. Please PM me with your rates per five submissions. Thanks.
  11. durchi

    Free pornhub accounts needed

    Hey, need one or multiple freelancers to create pornhub accounts in bulk. You'll get proxies, a set of email accounts to email verify them and a batch of images to use as profile pics. I need at least 500 accounts per week – feel free to send me your rates or further questions via PM.
  12. durchi

    Need developer for a Rakuten (Twig) Template Customization

    I need somebody who knows how to modify a Rakuten Shop template. What I want is a header consisting of a slider on the left and five images surrounding it to the bottom and the right (could send you an example site via PM). I need the code for the slider and the five surrounding images...
  13. durchi

    Looking for a Wordpress/Woocommerce coder

    Hey guys, need a programmer for a quick job related to wordpress/woocommerce/amazon. If you are interested and qualified, post here or send me a PM. Best regards
  14. durchi

    Free money by Apple

    Just read about an interesting recall by Apple. They are calling back their Beats Pill XL due to overheat issues on the models sold since January 2014. How could you profit? Pretty simple: Since Apple refunds you $325 and even pays your shipping you should be able to get a used model for less...
  15. durchi

    100+ Instagram fully profiled PVA

    Hello guys, in need of profiled Instagram PVA accounts. Also need access to the mail accounts which were used (free mail provider or whatever). Should have: Profile pic Legit bio not more than 2 accounts per phone number I don't need access to the phone numbers used as I have my own. As...
  16. durchi

    FollowLiker uploading duplicate pictures

    Hey folks, currently getting more engaged with FL. I am experiencing the following problem for multiple accounts (not all): Set FL to upload one picture per day with a description in spintax to make it unique. On day 1, it uploads picture A. On day 2, picture B. On the third and fourth day, it...
  17. durchi

    Looking for a list of Instagram Girl niche accounts

    Hey guys, I need a list of Instagram accounts within the "Girl niche". They should have either lots of male followers (75k+) or a minimum of 150+ selfies, whatever. Example accounts: If you get the type of accounts I am...
  18. durchi

    Fiverr reviews

    Hey folks, long story short, I need some reviews for my fresh Fiverr account. Will pay $2 for every review + $5 to compensate the gig costs (total = $7). Please PM me the account you want to post the review with, I only need legitimate accounts. I will pay you with Skrill or Paypal. Greetings...
  19. durchi

    $100 for a simple SOAP - Wordpress interface

    Hello there, as my current freelancer seems to be too dumb to handle the task I wanted to be done I need another one. I have a client site which is based on wordpress so he is able to edit something himself. He manages his car fleet with a tool which provides a SOAP connection to fetch the data...
  20. durchi

    Durchi's affiliate journey to $12000/month until June 2014

    Hey folks, I'm into IM for some time now, I have tested various methods, starting with a twitter follower shop, offering my services on fiverr, building niche sites with amazon, adsense or other affiliate programs and also PPD. I made use of several programs and bought some services here. Now I...