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    free high pa twitter account

    Hey just a freebie I scraped this twitter account its available,old and has a high pa. I dont need it so rather than waste it. If anyone wants to register it go ahead
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    Hi all

    I am seo daddy better know as rob to my friends. I run a small new blog on seo. Ive done seo work since the internet started. Yep Im old. I used to have a much larger blog and I sold out a few years back just really starting over
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    Expired tumblr domains

    I have heard a lot about expired tumblr blogs so I got on fiverr and bought like 40 of them for $5 They all have a pa of 28 to 37. I am new can not post a link but I decided to do a study and see if i could rank my blog post on advanced link wheels for the phrase advanced link wheels with only a...