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  1. gigel mark

    What crypto trading platform is SAFE?

    Hi. i use bitfinex to trade bitcoin, etherum, iota and others small coins and I heard that this platform would be scam. It is really true? I have withdrawn a fairly small amount last month around 250$ without problems. I searched on google "bitfinex scam" and found a lot of bad things about...
  2. gigel mark

    Where to buy bitcoin or any currency? And where to sell?

    Hi. I'm new to the world of virtual currency trading and I would like to invest in bitcoin for the start. can you tell me where to sell and buy instantly with paypal or credit card? I was thinking about starting with just $ 500 for starters to test. I make $$$/day from cpa but it is never...
  3. gigel mark

    fb ads cloacker help

    Hi. I tried to promote giveaways with ogads on fb ads. I use fraudfilter cloacker. I received notification that my add was approved but I waited around 3 hours and traffic does not come. No impressions. What is wrong?
  4. gigel mark

    Looking for AGED Facebook accounts(over 1 year)

    Hi, i want to buy aged facebook accounts to spam on groups and to post comments on pages. I will use them with usa dedicated proxies. Want to be PVA, to have friends and some activity.
  5. gigel mark

    I really need help with facebook marketing

    Hi, at the moment I am very confused. My accounts are banned as soon as I try to post something on a group. I have aged accounts pva, dedicated proxies from, unique domains, spin tax description etc. Some time ago, I tried to post with 5 accounts and i noticed that my domain are...
  6. gigel mark

    Thread Options Data collection from the field user and password

    Hi. I have a landing page in which users must to login with user and password. How can I do to see all the data introduced(user and pass). It was a program that collect such data and sent them to your email. It is not necessarily to be sent to my mail but give me an idea how I can do to see all...
  7. gigel mark

    NEED web hosting

    Hi. I gave up at the old web hosting because my site not working on all countries(especially usa) or it loading very slow. So, i want a web hosting(5$/month max) for my site which has around 100 visitors/ day for now, but after i will rank it properly on google i will have around 500 visitors a...
  8. gigel mark

    Seo for a BlackHat niche

    Hi. How to get a site on the first page on Google? How to rank it? I have a blackhat niche with a landing page and I want to get views with Google for cpa. I tried to optimize my content as much as possible for a good seo. I checked keywords and I do not think is great competition for my niche...
  9. gigel mark

    [JOURNEY] Instagram CPI

    Introduction Hi everyone! I am a teenager with a lot of free time and I decided to create this thread to motivate myself and help me track my progress. I started doing cpa around 1 year during which I tried a lot of methods but not with much success. Now, I planned to work hard to achieve my...