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  1. lover

    Best Pay Per Call Networks?

    Hi guys, looking to promote some Pay Per Call offers, can you guys recommend any good networks?
  2. lover

    GSA Error (download failed - SockError: Connection timed out)

    Hi Guys, getting lot of errors like this while running GSA campaigns... 'download failed - SockError: Connection timed out' I am using proxies from Checked proxies with other tools, they work fine. Anyone else facing this issue?
  3. lover

    Not able to buy SAPE links

    Hi Guys, logged into my SAPE account after so many days, added some balance and then set up 1 campaign. Now, when i select the links and click to buy, i am getting following message in pop up The links i am trying to buy is cheap and i have enough balance in my account. What...
  4. lover

    Sales Copy Writer

    Looking for someone who can write a sales copy for SEO related service. Contact me for more details and also send me samples.
  5. lover

    Not Getting PM and Thread Reply Notifications in Email

    Hi guys, from yesterday itself I am not getting email notification for any PM and subscribed threads. Is there any issue?
  6. lover

    Looking To Hire Social Signals Provider

    Looking to hire Social signals provider. I am mainly looking for Facebook likes and Twitter re-tweets for web pages. I will prefer someone who can allow drip feed of these signals.
  7. lover

    Best tool for Blog Commenting - GSA or Scrapebox?

    Hi guys, i know many of you use tools like GSA, Scrapebox on daily basis. Which one do you recommend to automated blog commenting? If you have used both for Blog commenting, then share your experience. I have my auto approved lists, so not looking to scrape links, just wanted to know which...
  8. lover

    Lover's Blog Posting Service - Up To 750 Posts - Starting at $15

    More questions? Just contact me or post it here Contact : [email protected] Refund Policy : I will send you full refund if there is any mistake from my end or if I am unable to complete your work. Note : These links can be used for anything but I would recommend them for tier 2 like web 2.0...
  9. lover

    Which software can build such links ?

    Can anyone tell me which software can build link like these
  10. lover

    Can anyone tell me how to link like tihs (example insde)

    If you go to and move your mouse over any "click to open site" button, the link does not show up. Can anyone tell me how to link like this or is there any plugin which can do this?
  11. lover

    Best Site for Mass Social Signals?

    Hi guys, can someone recommend me good site where i can get lot of social signals at best price? I also checked Fiverr and noticed few sellers providing 1k-3k social signals (Fb likes, tweeets, pinterest pins/likes) drip feeded over 20-30 days. Can anyone tell me what sites they may be...
  12. lover

    Any experience with web 2.0?

    I noticed one of my competitor ranking internal pages from They are just like web 2.0 sites which allow you to post content on them. They do have multiple groups under different city names. I made couple of post yesterday in one of the group and noticed that they are already...
  13. lover

    Need Ideas For NEw Domain

    Hi guys, going to build a site related to coupons,promo codes, daily deals etc. Looking to register 2 word domain, .com only. Do give me some ideas on domain names.
  14. lover

    Best tool to check if links are indexed or not?

    Other than Scrapebox, is there any free or paid tool which can check if links are indexed or not? Sites like only allow checking 20 links max, i am looking for something which can check 100+ links at once.
  15. lover

    Ranking Google Blogspot Blog in UK

    Hi guys, i got a question regarding ranking a Google's blogspot blog in UK. When i open a blog in my browser, url shows up as, similarly it shows up as when opened in UK. I wanted to know what url should i build links to so that it get...
  16. lover

    Google Authorship For Internal Pages

    Hi guys, got a question about google authorship. Last week i added a google authorship to my site, i just checked today and picture is showing up on serps. I have a site with 40 pages, i noticed that when i do a on google, the pic show up only with root domain and 3 internal...
  17. lover

    Where to sign up for affiliate program?

    Can anyone tell me where can i sign up for affiliate program? I tried searching but could not find it. All i know is they do have a affiliate program, here is one of the site promoting offer from their network
  18. lover

    Anchor Text Distribution for ranking Youtube Video?

    Hi guys, thinking of ranking YouTube videos on google, i wanted to know if you follow the same anchor text distribution which we use while linking to our sites? i.e 20-30% main keyword 20-30 related/LSI keyword 20-30- generic keywords 25-30% - url variation Or do you use higher around...
  19. lover

    Best Content Locker for UK traffic?

    Hi guys, i own some sites related to deals/vouchers and most of the traffic i get from google UK. Can you recommend me any good content locker or any other affiliate network for vouchers/deals websites.
  20. lover

    Question for Sape Users

    Hi guys, i have been using Sape from last few months and seeing mixed results. When i am ordering links from home page of Sape sites, then i am seeing good increase in my ranking but when i get links from inner pages, i hardly notice any change in ranking. May be because most of the inner...