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  1. Zevoltai

    Any courses yet for AI in marketing?

    Hey guys, We might be a bit early, but have you guys found any decent courses to help us harness the power of artificial intelligence for analytics, GPT-2 for content creation, smart spinning, etc.? Maybe even research?
  2. Zevoltai

    Hiring My Replacement (Full Time Remote SEO) At A Fast-Growing Startup That Dominates a Vertical

    Hey there BlackHatWorld. It's been a wild couple of years. On exactly July 3rd, 2017, I was onboarded as the SEO Lead for a tiny startup that had 8000 monthly searches, Domain Authority under 30, and a site that loaded in 13 seconds. They were quickly running out of money, and investors were...
  3. Zevoltai

    Product Hunt Votes Required

    Hello, I am looking to hire a person who can provide producthunt upvotes. Authentic upvotes on product hunt from the aged accounts would also be icing on top. PM me if you can with your price and how many you can provide.
  4. Zevoltai

    Anyone know WTF happened to's Organic Traffic?

    So, I was doing research and networking in the Cannabis niche when I met a High Times content writer in a lounge. They have some of the highest authority, branding, and domain metrics in the niche, along with great content output. Buuuuuuuuuttttt..... WTF? I contacted their team on...
  5. Zevoltai

    [Case Study] - Ranking 5 Adult Micro-niche Whitelabel Dating Sites for Fun and Profit

    Sup BHW,. It’s been a while since I’ve done any posting here, and I’m back with a bang. I’ve spent the better part of the last 18 months full time at a startup growing its authority site from 7k searches a month to 300k searches a month through 100% whitehat SEO, and I’ve been getting paid...
  6. Zevoltai

    Looking for Better Business Reviews for a client

    Paying $10 each, please PM me if you're interested. Skype requests will be ignored
  7. Zevoltai

    Buying Google Reviews for a local ORM client. $5 per review and must have American profiles

    PM me for info. Skype requests will be ignored
  8. Zevoltai

    Need a-la carte Google Reviews for an ORM client. USA IP Addresses required

    Paying $10 per review, please PM me directly. Skype requests will be ignored
  9. Zevoltai

    Free/Reimbursed Amazon Merch T-shirts for 5-star reviews - USA ONLY

    Hello BHW! Hope everyone's having a good weekend. Here's the deal, I am offering reimbursement for both short sleeve and long sleeve t-shirts (I have 1.1k designs live) that I sell on Amazon Merch. My primary niches of interest: Fantasy creatures (Dragons, Unicorns, Mermaids) Dabbing holiday...
  10. Zevoltai

    BHW Account was Hijacked - Whoever has had business with "me" since Nov 2 BEWARE

    Sorry, just tried to log in about three hours ago to find that someone hijacked my account. Just got it back from @WilhelmScream . Looks like there's a bit of a mess to sort out on a LONG PM list of dozens of people who were getting pulled into scams for BTC. If you've dealt with "me" since...
  11. Zevoltai

    Developer for fake program easy money!

    Looking for a developer to make me a fake program paying $100 for it bitcoins or paypalm pm me where i can contact you
  12. Zevoltai

    Once Again: Paying $10 for the first Google Review for an ORM Client in New Jersey

    Some of the folks haunting this section for odd jobs have already done it for them so you aren't eligible HOWEVER, if you can make reviews stick, I'll toss you $5/review after a week :). PM me as always, I hate using Skype
  13. Zevoltai

    Paying $10 for SOLO Google Reviews (ORM project)

    Looking to pay $10 for single reviews from anyone who is interested. Requirements: -Must have a throwaway account with an address set to anywhere in "New Jersey" in the profile. -Must not have helped me on this ORM project with a review before. Contact me to get started. I will send you...
  14. Zevoltai

    Weaker competitor domain has somehow had featured snippet google spot for a month. Any insights?

    So...the owner of this site has outranking me for the featured google snippet slot with a SIGNIFICANTLY weaker backlink profile. I'm curious as to how they're managing it, or rather, if anyone here knows what additional factors might go into the Rich Snippets. Our rankings have fluctuated...
  15. Zevoltai

    WTB Approved Amazon Merch Accounts With No Tax IDs Submitted

    Hey all, I'm looking to buy clean Amazon Merch accounts. The account should not have submitted any tax id info yet or tied to any Social Security Info. Please PM me if you have an unused approved account available.
  16. Zevoltai

    Looking for someone who can mass upvote Yelp reviews for ORM

    Please message me directly and pitch your rates via inbox. Requests to get added to Skype will be ignored.
  17. Zevoltai

    Choosing a tiered linkbuilding strategy for a HUGE authority site. Crowdsourcing ideas to BHW

    Authority Site Domain: DA 48, Root PA: 41 CF 43, TF 27 Referring domains on Ahrefs: 797 On-page SEO: Picture ****ing perfect. Just did an audit and tweaked targeted 2-word keyword densities from .7 to 1.1%, 3+ word densities to 0.3-0.7%. Headings, metas, images, etc. all target longtail rich...
  18. Zevoltai

    WTB multi-comment bulk Quora upvotes

    Looking to buy a whole bunch of bulk quora upvotes for ORM. Please message me directly.
  19. Zevoltai

    Hiring viralnova style content rewriters for a REACTIONARY POLITICAL CLICKBAIT site (TRUMP niche)

    I need someone to re-write viral clickbait articles from sites like The Blaze, Heat St., Milo Yiannopoulos, Breitbart, etc. for a new right wing sensational clickbait site. You will be sent the article's link, and your job will be to re-write the content to appear as unique as possible...