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  1. berclas

    [Journey] Crypto Project that promises daily 3% gain - The Animal Farm.

    Why did you put $5700 is not too much?
  2. berclas

    Facebook ads manager not working, am I the only one with this problem?

    They will destroy everything every time things are more difficult on Facebook and instagram
  3. berclas

    The Perfect Facebook AD´s Setup

    Why potable? What's the difference with regular browser?
  4. berclas

    Does instagram location matter?

    That's what Im talking about
  5. berclas

    SMMRAJA: The one-stop SMM panel serving since 8 years

    Looks great Add Test funds username theonse
  6. berclas

    YouTube views

    It's easy but the budget has to be huge
  7. berclas

    Best way to grow Youtube views organically?

    For a new channel the thumbnail is the most important then the content
  8. berclas

    About tiktoks verified ?

    They have a contact in meta
  9. berclas

    Does instagram location matter?

    I think not depende of location depends of people that you are following
  10. berclas

    How many of you are still using myspace ?

    Awesome for artist, I don't understand why this site turned down
  11. berclas

    How many of you are still using myspace ?

    So myspace was like spotify?
  12. berclas

    Whats the best virtual online marketing school in 2021?

    I don't trust in that "schools" "course" I prefer to learn by myself