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  1. riekal

    Verify Paypal to Lift Spending Limits

    Looking for someone that can help me verify my paypal to lift my spending limit. I am not able to add my normal bank account for some reason, so I'm trying to find alternate ways. PM me if you can help. (or message me on skype)
  2. riekal

    Looking for Tier-1 installs

    As the title says, I'm looking for someone that can deliver a steady flow of Tier-1 installs. By tier-1 i mean, USA/CA/EU/AUS etc.. I think you get the point. If this is something that you can do, then maybe we can partner together. Feel free to PM me if you'd like. Oh, and Please, no cpa...
  3. riekal

    website chat box

    Anyone know of a decent script that I could use for a chat box to add to my GPT website? I really dont want something hosted by someone else because I won't be able to tinker with the code like I know I will need to. I don't really want anything Java based either. any suggestions on a script...
  4. riekal

    CPA partner

    I'm looking for a partner to help sell my CPA method. The price of the method will be discussed between me and the person that I choose to partner with. Trust me, this method works, trust'll see. What I need from my partner will be explained between me and him/her. PM me if...
  5. riekal

    I need a wordpress expert ASAP

    I am in need of someone that knows how wordpress works. I have a few plugins that I need to work out. I'm willing to pay but I don't really know how much. Please contact me via PM or AIM
  6. riekal

    Wordpress Autoblog Plugin

    I was wondering if anyone out there could point me to the wordpress autoblog plugin that will allow me to upload several articles that i have rewritten, then simply post them every X hours or days. I have been looking around BHW for the plugin and all I've found is stuff that posts from...
  7. riekal

    Good PTS Twist

    For the past 2 weeks I have been in search of at least one other person to run my newest idea with. Anyway, I have a really nice twist for the incentive on a Paid to Sign Up system. Most of the incentives are a low $.15 or something of the sort. If you've ever run any system like PTS or PTC...
  8. riekal

    [Question] About iframing

    How many of you ppl actually use Iframing these days? I just talked to a guy on the IRC and he was saying that he's making up to 6K/mo using his method which includes iframing a email/zip submit offer. If it's really worth it i'll try it, but I'd like to know if it's really worth it...
  9. riekal

    Laptop wholeseller

    Anyone know a good one? I have an idea for a site to make a lot of sales, but need to know if there are any laptop/desktop dropshippers around.
  10. riekal

    LLC vs Corporation

    I am very close to setting up a Corp or LLC, just need to know which one to choose. Basically I want things to work like this. I'll have Big Company A. I want people working under that company, maybe with individual Tax ID's and all. I guess I just get confused on what the big difference between...
  11. riekal

    Looking for a decent PTC script

    Just like the title says, I'm looking for a decent PTC script...i guess something like the bux sites out there. any ideas or incite would be awesome.
  12. riekal

    Dear Diary...I <3 BHW

    So, back in August, toward the very end of the month I started getting into CPA offers. I was reading the TONS of methods that i found on BHW to see which one I thought was the best for me....then finally one night, I found a method! I started doing it that night and ended up making just under...
  13. riekal

    Made my first $21.60

    Dear BHW, Today I made my first few dollars with CPA offers. I first would like to thank everyone here at BHW that contributes methods/ideas/knowledge on how to go about making money either whitehat or blackhat. In any case, I was extremely surprised that it actually worked. I paid...
  14. riekal

    Hello all

    Hello BHW! There's not much to say about met yet. I run a few sites and just not getting into Serious blackhat methods. I'll see you guys on the other side!