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    Take it easy

    Interesting take. Everyone‘s experiences are different of course but if you know for a fact that someone’s getting worse off of therapy, you should probably stay away from them or have them reported. There could be an unavoidable purge where the person gets worse (as they unravel the past...
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    Signatures on mobiles

    It’s visible on landscape mode.
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    I can't change my username

    Some of my shits take longer than that. Have some patience.
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    Take it easy

    Very true.
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    Crypto Payment 5 Years Model

    I don’t think you really want to see that man naked.
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    Don't get scammed while purchasing services/products or hiring someone on BHW

    It’s the same bunch of guys for sure and they’ve been targeting BHW for a few years now. There’s also a bunch targeting the FB section going by “Nguyen something”. It’s like each section has a dedicated bunch of scammers.
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    Forward button on messages, posts and threads?

    Lick asses can be reported. Add them to the conversation?
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    Take it easy

    I miss him already.
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    Take it easy

    This is an overwhelmingly positive community that looks out for it’s brethren. Except for the clown who’s reacting “haha” to all the serious posts but he won’t be around for long. :rolleyes:
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    [Review Copies] Make Money with TikTok without showing your face!

    Sure, would love to take a copy if still available. ;)
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    Take it easy

    Hope you’re doing much better now dude. :) Yes. You worded it better than me I guess.
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    Take it easy

    Thread’s more about using unhealthy coping mechanisms and not talking out our minds than social drinking/smoking.
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    Take it easy

    100%. Sad thing is most don’t seek out help (be it professional or otherwise).
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    Take it easy

    Not sure if I understand what you’re saying. Yes, I did sum up what he did in a paragraph but that doesn’t take anything away from the respect I had towards him.
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    Take it easy

    Likewise. You’ve always got a friend in me. Same goes to anyone on here actually. :) Myocardial infarction. Heart attack but work lingo, sorry. :)
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    Take it easy

    Just got a call that a colleague of mine died of MI yesterday (aged 29 for context). I knew him from a very young age and actually looked up to him as he was an all round nice guy. He turned dark when he was around 22. He started drinking and smoking heavily as a means to cope with family...
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    [GUIDE] ✅ What do the best salespeople have in common? The TOP 5 ESSENTIAL attributes ✅

    Pretty easy to do when you have trust in what you offer. If what you offer is going to be an asset to someone else’s biz, you don’t have to worry about selling anything.
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    OGAds Approval Request Denied.

    They have a thread on the forum and an AM is pretty active on Skype. Might be worth making a post in their thread.
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    Change IPs for CPA

    You can’t. This is a blackhat forum. That doesn’t mean we scam networks. You’re a clown for going down that route.