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  1. 520am

    [X-MAS Giveaway] 115$ AdWords Accounts

    In the time before X-Mas we are all a little more generous. So in part of the X-Mas giveaways I'm giving away a few AdWords coupons. First 20 people who send me a PN telling me why exactly YOU need a voucher. (please include your email, I don't want to send 20 PN's back) get a free AdWords...
  2. 520am

    URGENT: WTB - Facebook likes for website!

    Hey there I urgently need Facebook contest votes. Those are normal website likes on a website. I don't care from where they are or who they are. If they are from Clickjacking or somewhere else, I don't mind. Contact me @Skype. Thanks K
  3. 520am

    Need help for my documentary about IM

    Hi guys I'm currently doing an apprenticeship as an IT guy. The next year I will be finished with it. For a part of the exams I'm going to need to write a documentary/report about anything I like. I decided to do it about IM. I will envolve ideas about BlackHat and WhiteHat Marketing...
  4. 520am

    Who is playing Battlefield 3?

    Hey there Who is playing Battlefield 3 ? I'm playing on PS3, and also got it for PC today. Who want's to play a BHW round sometime? Drop me a PN or share your player-tag. K.
  5. 520am

    [FREE] 6 AdWords activated accounts

    Hi guys I found 6 activated Adwordaccounts on my pc. Just logged into one, and it looks fine. I don't know if they're all working fine, but they have about 125$ on it each. First 6 people who respond here with more than 50 posts, get one.
  6. 520am

    [REQ] CSS/Web Designer

    I'm looking for an experienced CSS/Web Designer. I already have a website and there is a little bit of CSS that needs to be redesigned. Not a big thing. PM me, If you have time. Cheers K.
  7. 520am

    [GET] Facebook timelines on your profile

    I just found an article on a swiss newspaper site to activate the new timeline-profile style. Just applied it on my private profile. And I have to say, It looks really good and well designed. So mine looks like this now: There is also an article in English. There you go...
  8. 520am

    [GET] 100$ AdWords activated account

    Hi there I just want to share a GoogleAdWords activated account with 100$ on it. All you need to tell me is: Which city is this? Cheers Kevin
  9. 520am

    [GET] 250 Hotmail Accounts

    Hi guys I ordered 250 Hotmail accounts, but I got them too late so I can't use them anymore. If anybody needs some Accounts. PM me how many you need. Cheers Kevin
  10. 520am

    Thanks BHW. Finally regular income

    Hi everyone Another small thank you thread. + a "Ahyeah 100 post yeah" congratulation to myself. (: It's not much BH related. I tried some blackhat sites, but they didn't work very good. Now I have one, which is at least CHF 1.- a day. This not bad, as It covers my server & domain costs. The...
  11. 520am

    Google Page Speed Service

    Anyone heard of it yet? The Big G wants to speed up your website because they optimize the website on their own servers first. They say your site could be 25-60% faster. Page Speed Service is an online service to automatically speed up loading of your web pages. Page Speed Service fetches...
  12. 520am

    1$ .com, .net, .org Domain @doteasy

    Hey guys, Register any new .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .us, or .mobi domain for only US$1.00 for the first year. Found this here: Cheers Kev
  13. 520am

    Help me out with your creativity. [Designing]

    Hi guys, there is a competition in my country going on at the moment. You can win a SLK convertible for one weekend. All you have to do is to draw or design this guy on a background, or in a special way...
  14. 520am

    Best GetAFreelancer Project

    I just surfed a little on GAF and saw this interessting job :eviltongu Anyone wants to help him? :rolleyes:
  15. 520am

    Follow my goal. A Boat in one year!

    hey there. if you like, you can follow my goal. i try to reach 20'000 chf (swiss francs) in one year to buy myself a boat. currently i am making about 150$ a month through facebook. and i am also making an apprenticeship, but the money i get from it, i need it to live. rules: boat must be...