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    Do you have an established Metafilter account?

    Looking for someone to make a post for me ASAP. $5 for 5 seconds of your time.
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    how about an iMacros section

    Lots of talk about iMacros lately. I think the forum would be cleaner if it were a sub-cat in the scripting section.
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    Here's an idea...

    This article below describes a "hack" used by a group to take over facebook groups. What's interesting is the comment from the facebook official who said that when a facebook group gets abandoned by it's creator, then any member can then become the administrator to continue communication with...
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    anyone going to burning man?

    I will be going this year for the first time. Anyone else going?
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    Question for people who create bulk gmail accounts

    Is the rule of thumb one email per IP? Or can one get away with more than that?
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    WTB - cheap xrumer blast - $5

    I'm looking for a small blast to get an adult site indexed and build a little bit of linkjuice... let me know what you can do for 5 bucks (obviously i'm not looking for much)
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    adult webmasters - want to trade links?

    I'm in the process of launching a series of adult sites... I just launched my first site yesterday and I'm looking to trade some backlinks with anyone who is interested. I will place your site under the "blogroll" since I'm using wordpress as CMS. BTW... if you have a site with a higher PR than...
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    What kind of BH WordPress Plugin Would You Like To See?

    So I've been studying the art of writing wp plugins for a few months now and I'm getting pretty proficient. I would like to develop a BH plugin to release here for a modest price just to get some juice flowing on the side since I've recently become unemployed (bummer). Unfortunately I'm at a...
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    LOL @ The People's Court - Right Now!

    people's court is airing an episode right now about a guy who paid someone to learn "internet marketing" but didn't make any dough... turn on FOX for a laugh
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    Need help from someone with an established DP account - There's something in it for you!

    I started a thread in BST yesterday that already got buried without a single reply. I'm looking for someone with a high itrader to give it a bump or to review my product. You will get my product for free in exchange! And ofcourse I will eventually share it for free with BHW :) Hit me up if...
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    are there any free voicemail services out there?

    does anyone know a free or really cheap service that gives you your own voicemail box?
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    [WTB - anyone run a backpage posting service?

    Looking to test out the waters with a small campaign. Maybe one or two ads in one section under each city... If anyone can do this please hit me up with rates & please be prepared to send me the list of links to all the ads.
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    Forum Suggestion: Display date thread was started in thread listings

    I'm not sure if this has been suggested before, my bad if it has... BHW has lots of content and it's inevitable that many threads will have very similar titles. I think the browsing experience can be hugely improved if the thread's age were visible in the listings instead of just the date of...
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    g0ogle Aut0p1lot

    check out this sweet tool google released: looks like an autoresponder with AI.... haven't tried it yet but I'm about to dig in
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    sites that offer revshare for articles

    I was browsing for sites similar to AC and bukisa and came across the following that claim to pay a share for article revenue: Anyone have any experience with these?
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    cloned ads dont go through approval process

    I've noticed that if you have an ad already approved and running in your campaign and you go to 'create similar ad' and don't change the ad copy, the ad has an automatic approval. I'm not sure about the internal workings of the fb engine, but at first glance this looks like it could be a way...
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    tutorial - how to extract CL emails with Y4h00 p1pes

    I just shared this on another forum I post on, because I was getting lots of questions about it and I decided I can't forget about BHW so I'm posting this for you guys as well. Hope someone finds it useful! Sample Output: Source Code: Explanation: 1) Fetch the RSS feed of the...
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    anyone use feedwordpress?

    My feed has img tags in it that are getting stripped completely. Anyone know a way around that?
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    is yahoo pipes busted for you too?

    I use Yahoo Pipes regularly to scrape pages and create content feeds, but suddenly since last night the whole left hand side of the interface is not responsive! Just wondering if anyone else is having this issue. I tried firefox and ie with no luck.
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    the kid brother method

    This is my attempt at one of those "inspirational" posts. My younger brother developed a pretty solid grasp on technology at a pretty young age. Ever since he was 13 or so I've noticed that his design skills had already outweighed mine and over the years I've had him help me out with some of my...