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    I'm Revealing A Profitable Facebook Campaign Based on FbDude's Poll Method.

    It's a great write up, but I've never been able to pull a positive ROI with fb using similar setups and math. At the very best I'd see like $1 back for $20 spent and that's just not scalable at that cost (for me)
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    Do you have an established Metafilter account?

    Still looking for someone to post something to metafilter for me. Will pay if you can get a post on the front page.
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    Need an experienced Yahoo Pipes creator

    PM me. Send me links to the sites you want to scrape and let me know what you want scraped into your feed. Here's an old thread of mine about pipes btw:
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    Rig a Poll - EASY work

    send me a link to the poll, I'll check it out.
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    My Journey to $100/day with eBook Sales

    The first person that buys your ebook on DP will leak it to the rest of the world
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    Just Started Doing Well With Facebook Ads

    dude, if you are able to double your money then you are doing extremely well. time to start split testing everything.
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    Fiverr Works

    They take $1 from each transaction and it takes a while for the dough to clear. I personally know someone that makes high $XX / day freelancing on that site.
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    Who here smokes a lil herb?

    every day
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    need yahoo group email scraper

    the problem with scraping yahoo groups is most users chose not to post their full email, all you get is [email protected] so even if you assume it's [email protected] that is only right a percentage of the time.
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    Looking for FB JavaScriptCode

    it's out there, but no one will give it to you. maybe if you look at some "viral" fb pages and explore them thoroughly, you might be able to track it down yourself.
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    Magic Niche Finder - Find Unlimited # of Profitable Niches 24/7/365 on AUTOPILOT-!

    Maybe I am missing something, but this just looks like a GUI for google's keyword tool, except it doesn't show as much info... what can I do with this that I can't do by importing google's own data into excel and doing a sort?
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    NEWS NEWS: Hacked 1.500.000 Accounts.

    these were probly sniffed using a botnet
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    40,000+ hidden iframe hits a day

    good point, you could be right depending on the circumstance
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    40,000+ hidden iframe hits a day

    use an iframe buster to break out of the iframe and turn that traffic into REAL traffic.
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    2.5 Million Searches - Domain Value?

    professional domainers would valuate these at $0 undeveloped, because of the TM issue. No domainer these days will f with TM domains, just not worth it.
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    javascript expert require to code/decode

    PM me more details if you still need this, I'll let you know if I can help
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    Do you have an established Metafilter account?

    Looking for someone to make a post for me ASAP. $5 for 5 seconds of your time.
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    Who would like to be paid to copy job ads?

    I can build you a custom scraper in php or iMacros. This way you pay only once. Hit me up if you are interested.
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    *Help* Javascript showing user location

    you can make a json wrapper for - i actually did this, might be releasing it publicly soon.