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    Adwords alternate?

    Hello, Is there any alternate for adwords? Any experience with bing? Thanks in advance.
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    Can/Will you quit using google?

    Can / will you quit using google? I was reading article "Why I quit using Google" someone migrated away from google .. Here are some other alternatives Gmail → Fastmail → Self-hosted (via Cloudron) Google Contacts → Fastmail → Nextcloud Contacts Google Calendar → Fastmail →...
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    Sendgrid and mailchimp alternative?

    Is there any good sendgrid and mailchimp alternative. Need for transactional email.
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    Marketing agency which work on revenue sharing?

    Are there any marketing agencies which work on revenue sharing?
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    PPC platform other than Google and Bing

    Google and Bing are two well known platform. Are there any other PPC platform? Niche Cyber security and target is North America, EU, Asia.
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    e-Marketing experts

    Looking for e-marketing expert who can promote services online. It is long term project so please pm.
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    whom to pick?

    Hi, I have found so many companies in BHW for SEO. Now confused which one to pick. Can anyone advice which company to pick for regular link building.
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    Domain registrar which offer whois privacy, custom dns and email?

    Looking for Gandi replacement so looking for some domain registrar which offer free whois privacy, custom dns and email.
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    Hello BHW

    Hello BHW Community, I have joined to make some friends and explore some business opportunities. Regards, Libren