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    press release for artists and musicians needed

    Hi BHW, I’m helping my clients with press release. They are musicians, artist and influencers. Please see the requirements, —native English writer —major platform articles with legit author —can be shown in google news search results Leave your telegram or Skype (prefer telegram) in the...
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    Instagram scraping and filtering needed

    I have 29 accounts with a total of 844k followers to scrape. Please scrape the followers and filter and keep those with less than 750 followers and 1000 followings. Give me your offer and turn around time.
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    Anyone doing Spotify automation to promote artists?

    Hi all I want to know if anyone uses automation to for Spotify to promote artists? Can automation with bots improve stream counts and monthly listeners? What do you do with playlists? I have clients who are asking for playlist automation. Any provider? Have anyone done that? Thanks!
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    Looking for Instagram scraping services for followers

    Hi, I'm looking for scraping services of usernames of several instagram accounts followers with 200k to 2m followers. Please also include the follower and following counts. Does anybody provide such service now? Or do you know anybody that does? Please PM me or reach me at Thanks! April