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    how can i get Free cpanel

    I guess their marketing strategy is better. ;)
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    how can i get Free cpanel

    Not sure about God's gift. Works like a charm compared to Plesk and cPanel. :P
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    how can i get Free cpanel

    cPanel/WHM uses IP Based licensing method. There's no way to get free license in a legit way. If you are looking for a reliable panel, you can try VestaCP. It's easy to install as well. Just two lines of command. :p :)
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    Fast and Cheap Web Hosting?

    >> Can someone suggest me a good web hosting that has nice speed loading scores (less than 1 second if possible) so that it helps ranking in google? loading speed depends on where you're checking the site from, for most shared hosting 1 second is rarely possible due to the fact that they...
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    Which OS for a dedicated server? Windows 2008 or linux?

    If you know how to use Linux, I suggest you go with it and install panels such as vestacp, ispconfig for your websites. If you need Windows, either get a cheap VPS or do virtualization on your server(Xen,KVM) and get Windows. I only know of Plesk, when it comes to good panel for windows. but...