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    Should I add "NOFOLLOW" on the keyword tags part for my articles?

    to prevent "thin pages"? example: Article About Electric Cars #1 Tags: Elon Musk, Tesla, Lithium Batteries, Car, Sedan << should all this just be NOFOLOW example #2: Article About Tesla Tags: Elon Musk, Tesla, Lithium Batteries, Car, Stock << should all this just be NOFOLLOW except "Elon...
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    Chrispalmer you there or anyone in the SEO backlink business

    So Should I order all of your SEO services at once ? or order 1 package per month or every 2 months to not make the backlinks seem like its not a spam to google? thanks
  3. B site?

    hello, been looking for answers here but can't seem to find. So, im just trying to establish a BUT i am not seeing the content I added? It only shows "COMING SOON + business name" when i go to and that is it. Is this how its supposed to be? or is...
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    Should I Also Submit My PBN sites to directories?

    Should I Also Submit My PBN sites to directories? So, basically, have each PBN go through the same link building process as my main site? bad idea? tnx
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    Should i make multiple cloud flair accounts for my PBN?

    Because if i put them all under the same account They will all have the same name server names ex Thoughts? tnx
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    Why does google RE-ARRANGE my title?

    Example my original title on my website is like: #1 Plumber in Manthattan New York | Big Papa Plumber BUT when i search for it on google, google displays is like "Big Papa Plumber # 1 Plumber in Manhattan New York." Any idea????? Thanks
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    Phone numbers for Local Business for PBNs

    Do you guys include fake phone numbers, fake addresses, privacy policy, contact page in your PBNs?? how many of you with PBNS with contact data as such got banned? tnx
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    Compilation of "How did google find out about your PBN that got you de-indexed?"

    Me: this was 2015, all of my sites were hosted under same host and all domain registrars, I had some of them link to each other too lol...yep thats what happened. THEY ALL GOT BANNED from google. I wake up one day and all traffic went poof!
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    PBN Question: Adding Domain to Google Search Console

    Hello, 1. I am guessing it is best to add 1 expired domain with DA and backlinks per google webmaster search console account to be even safer? is this what you guys are doing? 2. Lets say you buy 3 domains, would you create a variant of the first contact address? (assuming google can see...
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    QUESTION: Private Blog Network strategy

    Would you guys linking to a high domain authority site besides to my money site make it look less suspicious? I would think so. So example I link to (high authority site) from my PBN and ALSO link to my "money site" which is also plumbing related. good strat?
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    Looking for other webmasters to combine our PBNs

    anyone else down? I would only like CLEAN pbns, dedicated nice. Non spammy type with some domain authority type.
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    new here

    long time lurker, watched youtube seos. Been a webmaster since 2000, left in 2005. Got back in in 2012 left in 2016. Back in 2020 till now am now building PBN for my local seo business
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    PRIVATE BLOG NETWORK / PBN bottom line Questions?

    So I've been watching a bunch of youtube videos and lurking around here. Tell me if i'm wrong 1. Build a PRIVATE BLOG NETWORK around the same niche of your local business? Example: You want to promote your senior home care then you have to build a private blog network SPECIFIC to senior home...