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    My site received some search traffic, but was rejected when I applied for Adsense

    I started a website 3 months ago, posted 10 informational articles, and then stopped managing it. Today I went to the website and found that started to get search traffic, but my application for Adsense was rejected. I would like to ask what are the requirements for applying for Adsense? Can...
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    Namecheap Renewal fee of shared hosting is $42.88 a year?

    I purchased a Stellar Hosting plan on Namecheap a year ago for a fee of $10. Now the renewal fee is 42.88/year. SSL renewal is also $12/year. It was too expensive for me Did anyone give me any useful advice? Share useful promo codes with me or transfer to a cheaper hosting provider? Thanks
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    How to create content after keyword research?

    I want to make a blog to make money, but I don't know how to do content creation. For example, I know that the keyword "how to make a nuclear bomb" has a lot of search volume, and there are no relevant search results on google. I have no knowledge about nuclear bombs, I am not a native English...
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    1Text doesn't work

    1Text doesn't work, even if I signed it up. Can someone tell me another Free Plagiarism Checker?