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    Need Idea/Solutions- Registering and Creating Posts in my Own SMF Forums

    As the title suggests, I have a couple of blank SMF forums that I need to post to. As the forum script doesn't allow creating accounts from same IPs I need proxies to register users and then create posts. That;s probably one idea to start registering dummy user accounts. I can use the same to...
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    Looking for a CPA Program for Authors List

    Guys, I have a list of authors/wanna-be authors. I am looking for CPA programs that I can promote to this list. I already have signed up with Creatspace- they have a good $8/sign-up plan. I am looking for more such programs where my list gets access to valuable author/books centric information...
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    Need Partners to Market/Sell my INFOGRAPHIC service

    Guys, You would have noticed that infographics are the new buzz word online. Everybody want them. But theye are tricky to create as you know people who are good in both design side an content writing side. I have done infographs as part of my job as a content creation guy. As a freelancer I...
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    Ideas Needed: how to Monetize a List of US-Based Authors

    Guys, I need some monetizing ideas. I have acquired a list of about 4000 authors published in US. I have their email id, book title, full name, and other related info. I am thinking of what can be the services/products that I can sell to them? How can I monetise this? Please suggest. Thanks...
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    How to find out super affiliates?

    Guys, How do you find out affiliates who are already promoting ( successfully) certain top-selling ( or any) CB products? Thanks,
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    Is Crap 'content' Worth It? For how much?

    Guys, I have been thinking about info-products and content and how it has become an industry in itself. I see so much crap around and huge piles after piles of recycled duplicate content. People are buying and selling, spinning, re-packaging, re-writing stuff and the crappy gets crappier...
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    Best ways to attract affiliates to promote my CB product

    Guys, We are creating a CB info product. Its a 5 ebook course in IM. I know its highly competitive. But ebooks are well written and comes with lots of webinars and video on-going support. I am looking for best launching ideas? Best ways to attract affiliates to promote this product...