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    Best way to bulk check Google indexed urls..over 40000 urls

    Hi im looking for an efficient way to check to see if a bunch of urls are indexed in google only. so similar to in google but for 40,000 urls. Does anyone have a good way of doing this cheaply? i know site:domain isnt 100% accurate but im thinking its still better than other...
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    Best GSA SER List?

    wondering what is the best updated list for GSA SER?
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    keyword guru needed for on-page keyword optimization

    Hello, We need one time on-page keyword optimization of 1 website & internal pages. you will need to Study the competitors in this area, do all required analysis, propose the strategy and start the work. It is mandatory to have rich experience in Search engine on-page optimization and...
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    Best Emailing software?

    i want to run my first email campaign for a health site and wanted to know what the best overall software is? im assuming ill be running this from a mail server that allows 5k - 10k emails a day? where can i go to read up and get caught up to speed? thx
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    Better to post link in the signature or body of message?

    hi all.. kinda noobie questions...but im trying to build some backlinks for a pharma site i started and was wondering if its better to put the link/reference in the signature section of a forum or the body? does one get 'weighed' more than another? all things being equal.. thanks!