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    Lewis Hamilton wins his 8th World Drivers' Championship

    Golf and F1 boring for a Sigma male. Why suddenly everyone likes F1. Sheep mentality
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    So Let Me Get This Straight

    The Elite controls the vaccine businness and media = total control = huge profit
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    879 Cases Of Omicron In UK = Christmas Semi Lock Down

    Omi what? Why give the lab virus a new name?
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    Why Are The Vaccinated More Worried About The Unvaxed?

    History repeats itself. Need someone to blame like in 1933. If the vaccine was 100 %safe and 100% working 99.9999% would take it
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    On my way to $100 a day!!!

    Great motivation thread! I gonna make something similar
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    How to get out of friend zone

    You dont. Try get a new girl. Or be a simp for her that calls you when she need a car ride or a free dinner. Next time be more alpha and not a friend attitude to a girl
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    How did you learn English?

    Dialogues before the porn begins in porn movies mostly. Always 5-10 min talking
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    Road to become a millionaire.

    Just be careful you dont burn yourself out. Good thing you got rid of smoking. Get proper sleep, nutrition and rest(siesta) every day. Work out 5-6 days a week. Read lots of books. Unplug from mainstream media. Remember to have fun and relax and dont stress. Do everything in moderation
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    What's the best video editing software?

    Adobe Premiere is good and lots of " how to" on YouTube. Google how to make Instagram videoes in adobe premiere
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    The most important point when learning meditation

    I do meditation and mindfulness every day. Go out in nature with your breakfast and dont think just observe nature while you eat. Later sit somewhere inside and just breath for 5 min with no thinking. When you do this for several months you will be more relaxed. Its very simple and easy. Also...
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    Subconsciously wiring my brain for success

    Subconscious is stronger than conscious brain. Good advice
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    What type of smartphones can we see in future ?

    Eye lense smartphone only. It will be like your phone now only its not physical anymore. You type in thin air from others perspective
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    Do you sleep for sometime in day also?

    This probably means that you have too litle sleep during night. A siesta is good when you have proper sleep. A siesta is not deep sleep but about 30 min with rest and some sleep/nap
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    Do you sleep for sometime in day also?

    Siesta is important. Almost all pro athletes take a siesta after a good workout. You get more refreshed in body and mind after siesta
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    What is the laziest way people have become millionaires?

    If you are a hot girl or above average you can just record yourself chilling on your PC and answer simps cringe messages and donations on Twitch.
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    Paypal transaction fee 50%. tf?

    No wonder Elon Musk got rich
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    Do you feel guilt?

    wars and propaganda and the rich get richer. same old same old
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    Do you feel guilt?

    Wisest decision ever
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    Do you feel guilt?

    White mans guilt because CNN said so