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    Semrush outbound domains

    I can see an option in semrush for outbound links of other websites but is there an option to filter these by only do follow links and leave out all no follow links?
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    Buy one very good link or several good links?

    Let's assume you have 500 $ to invest in Backlinks. Would you rather buy one high authority link (like DA > 75, Traffic > 500 k /month) or 5 "normal" links / guest posts (each like DA > 20 to 30, Traffic up to 100k / month) ?
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    Need some advice regarding buying domain or not

    Hello, i need some advice of you guys - I am in the middle of building some kind of influencer wiki and already published and indexed around 60 articles of persons on a brand new domain. Haven't build any links by now and so obviously i'm not ranking shit yet. Now i saw a good domain with...