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  1. Blaqstar

    Any tool to extract sitemap xml file of any website?

    Try the WayBack Machine webdotarchivedot org Pretty sure they have all sitemaps
  2. Blaqstar

    ADS FACEBOOK - Big Money

    Explain: access to working cases ?
  3. Blaqstar

    Any way to run ads for this .....?

    You’ll be banned.
  4. Blaqstar

    My adult website journey

    Following. Shoot me a message tho, I am also interested into building an AdultTube site. I’m very familiar w/ Wordpress & even have a couple adult actresses I know looking for work. VERY interested into getting into this.
  5. Blaqstar

    instagram auto boot follow/followback

    Try FollowLiker or Jarvee.
  6. Blaqstar

    Best way to go about this email marketing situation?

    Yeah I hear that, I don't have to use google or gmail. Looking for an alternative or the best way thats recommended. How many emails per hr or day is a safe zone?
  7. Blaqstar

    Best way to go about this email marketing situation?

    I'll get straight to it. I have a login to a directory that's directly in my niche (college students). Access to thousands of emails, person info etc. I scraped a couple thousand but how to properly utilize? I understand I cant use Klaviyo or something similar because they have to be "opted...
  8. Blaqstar

    I need help with IG!

    I have abundant experience in IG. You NEED QUALITY PHOTOS. No way around this. Hire photographer or use a proficient iPhone camera. As stated, competitor analysis, look at what their doing, do similar and better. Look at posts and say "I would do this better, I'd add this". Target their...
  9. Blaqstar

    Followliker for a Client (HELP)

    Thanks a lot man.
  10. Blaqstar

    Followliker for a Client (HELP)

    Thank you. For example, if he lives in a auburn city of Detroit 15 mins away, will having a Detroit proxy be an issue ? Or does it have to be the SPECIFIC city ?
  11. Blaqstar

    Followliker for a Client (HELP)

    So I just booked my first client and I’m planning on growing his account on FollowLiker w/ a proxy. My only issue is if FL is running his account on a Proxy, and he uses his phone for his account elsewhere, will this get his account banned ? If so, anyways around this ?