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  1. James Drews

    [COURSE] Snapchat CPA Mastermind - Earn Up To $500/daily With Adult Traffic & CPA Offers

    You mentioned you have around 300 / 500 story views per account, 10 accounts, so +/- 5000 viewers converts into 2214 conversions for MFC? That's impossible.
  2. James Drews

    [Journey] Youtube Shorts to 50k subscribers (Reuploading TikToks)

    What about copyright issues - since you use someone else's content? Do you give them credit or something? Good luck
  3. James Drews

    Amazon Enthusiast

  4. James Drews

    How Instagram Can Fix Instagram

    They make it a mess on purpose - so you spend way more time in the app. More time = more data = more information to sell to advertisers.
  5. James Drews

    My first working blog - Journey to $500/month adsense+affiliate

    I've never seen such high CTR – 14.8%! You're killing it man, keep going.
  6. James Drews

    Ranking a .UK Tld :)
  7. James Drews

    How to monetize imagetwist question.

    Unless you are able to do this on huge scale, it's a waste of time. The earnings is pennies work.
  8. James Drews

    Dangerous B.1.1.529 Variant is spreading

    Shit.. that means more hours grinding.
  9. James Drews

    Image CDN for WordPress

    I'm using Cloudflare, but I don't know how to change the URLs for the images, they still show, and I want that different to get rid of those spam backlinks.
  10. James Drews

    Image CDN for WordPress

    Thanks, I'm going to try
  11. James Drews

    Image CDN for WordPress

    Hi, I receive a lot of spam backlinks to images of my WordPress website, I disavowed those but they are cracking up my domain rating. So I want to serve my images from a different url rather than: which cheap CDN can do this?
  12. James Drews

    Contabo needs you ID, passport, proof of address, phone number, fingerprint and more, for 5€ a month VPS

    That's pretty normal with all new KYC regulations.. just blur some privacy parts of your ID card/passport/drivers license.
  13. James Drews

    [Beta-Testers] Automated Full Articles Writen by AI | Between 750 & 1750 words |

    I'm interested in participating in this beta-testing program
  14. James Drews


    That's not the issue - some lawyer or a copyright infringements takedown team saw your Shopify store and some trademarks (I think) and just noted your website. They report those websites in batches to VISA / Shopify, which just redirects everything to you, since you agreed with their Terms of...
  15. James Drews

    What should I change my bhw username to?

  16. James Drews


    Well.. if you sell replica hip hop fashion then you would know someday a big brand will try to knock you down. You're playing with their trademarks and they got massive money and a ARMY of lawyers.
  17. James Drews

    Lost 5k eur on adult tube site

    If you have to hire people for every little thing - it will never be successful. Unless you way pay more and get the right people to do it. Still very hard and difficult niche.
  18. James Drews travel backlinks

    Hey, I'm looking for travel backlinks. PM me what you can offer me.
  19. James Drews

    The NEW Chromium-Based Edge Browser

    Chrome eats a lot of CPU..