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  1. CristianDIOR

    Domains Without Registrar Information

    Hello BHWers! The title says it all. I have been lurking around and I found domains without any registrar information whatsoever and I found it very interested how the person registered this domains. And my question is - does anybody knows this registrar that not giving any information even...
  2. CristianDIOR

    TikTok Blocking Any Proxies

    So the title tells the story. I was working on the tool to parse some info from tiktok accounts. Easily can enter through browser, do GET actions via the normal home internet. But as soon as I connect and start to request data via the proxy, nothing happens. I tried to use Zennoposter, used...
  3. CristianDIOR

    Questions about LLC + Bank Account for Stripe

    So I checked all the threads about opening an LLC, couldn't find even 1 normal thread where all the information is provided. So what I need? Right now I'm opening social media marketplace (followers, likes etc) and also after a month will open a drop shipping business. I'm outside a US. I...
  4. CristianDIOR

    Free Softonic Solutions Upvotes

    Hello guys! For the whole week I was working on my softonic solution bot to upvote and downvote solutions and even comment and offer solutions on the website. The only thing is I don't want to be banned from BHW, so as far as I understand the rules, you are not allowed to PM me about price -...
  5. CristianDIOR

    Anyone from Ubud, Bali?

    Hello. 2 years ago I have moved to Bali to work online from here, so I know that a lots of internet marketers right now moving to this kind of countries like Kuba, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam etc. The summer here all year long, ocean is near, a lot's of beautiful places and it's absolutely...