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    ⚡ThemeForest Database LEAKED!⚡Stop hunting themes in the forest!⚡Unlimited WordPress Themes & Plugins Only at $9 ❤️ FESTINGERVAULT.COM ❤️ FREE TRIALS!

    Also recieved a 14 day review copy and am upgrading to lifetime. Its an extremely comprehensive collection of themes and plugins to fit any purpose. Thanks @Festinger
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    [Advice Needed] Building a Deliveroo/Just-Eat Clone - Wordpress

    The changes you require are fairly minimal. The nice thing about Woocommerce is that it is extremely customisable. Delivery Fee you should be able to easily integrate through WooCommerce settings. Delivery times could be achieved with a plugin. You should also be able to modify the existing...
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    [Advice Needed] Building a Deliveroo/Just-Eat Clone - Wordpress

    Have you seen this? Seems pretty complete. It shouldn't be too difficult to find a plugin that will limit search results based on distance if that theme doesn't include it.
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    Use Google Trends for Targeted Local SEO Content

    You should credit the content you steal.
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    Just got my first client! Does BHW have any tips for me?

    I've been skateboarding for 14 years. I've seen 6 skateshops open and close in my city alone in that time. That's not an exaggeration. They typically rely on a handful of customers (regulars) to keep the place afloat. I'm going to be brutally honest here, these shops fail because skateboarders...
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    What are you drinking?

    So in 2016 at the age of 24, I had an extremely heavy night out. Woke up next morning, worst hangover imaginable. Got up out of bed and as I reached for the door I blacked out, woke up in a heap on the floor. When I came around my heart felt like it was going to explode, it was violently...
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    SOCIAL SIGNALS ★ $3 ★ Unlimited URLs ★ Drip Feed ★ CUSTOM Orders ★ 40,000+ Orders Done ★

    I received the 35 signal package. The package was delivered promptly (within 60 minutes). A report was instantly generated that enabled me to view the signals which are of decent quality. I ended up with more than 35 signals across a wide range of platforms which was nice. All in all, I had a...
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    99 cent GoDaddy .coms

    Fair enough. I can never seem to find the .99 cent deal that allows a single year registration, the promo code I posted does. Someone may find this useful. I figured it was worth sharing.
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    99 cent GoDaddy .coms

    Just registered a bunch of .coms at 99 cents a piece using the code below. Had to create a new account for each domain though. I know GoDaddy sucks but remember, after 60 days you can transfer to another registrar. Promo code: cjchoney99
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    please I need a good method for promote my offers CPA

    This forum is an absolute goldmine of information. Use the search function, look at how other people are generating traffic. Read Journeys, methods and apply what you learn to your own project.
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    How to remove content from Google cache if it is a parasite page?

    As long as the page isn't live you can submit the removal request using the link I posted. Doesn't matter if you own the site or not.
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    How to remove content from Google cache if it is a parasite page?

    Difficult to give you an exact time frame. You can, however, speed up the process by requesting Google remove the outdated content. You can do that here. Just follow the steps after submitting the URL.
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    lucky door math problem

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    red tea detox scamming affiliates

    Is that supposed to be a joke? Are you intentionally shit stirring? Many people are going to interpret that as being a serious post. Real valuable contribution right there.
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    Hungry for knowledge

    You are certainly in the right place. BHW is a goldmine of knowledge. My advice to you is to be prepared to fail and fail again. Don't be disheartened when at first you don't succeed, learn from your mistakes and keep going. Hard work tends to pay off in the end and eventually you will find...