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  1. VibroHeavenUK

    Windows 11, Should I upgrade or not?

    Hi everyone. I know Blackbeans asked this question in April but I just wanted your latest opinions. My son gave me his laptop as he doesn't use it which is Windows 11 compatable to replace my old slow laptop. Have you upgraded and kept it or upgraded and downgraded again? Thanks
  2. VibroHeavenUK

    Katteb AI writer, what are your views?

    Hi, I was looking at AI Writers on AppSumo today and came accross (never heard of it before!) and just wondered what your views are? On AppSumo its $29 for a lifetime deal of 15,000 words per month but the lowest package you can buy per month is $9 for 30,000. I've only tried it to...
  3. VibroHeavenUK

    What do you do with your 'poor' articles?

    Hi, By poor, I mean the ones you aren't 100% happy with. Do you still post them as Tier 2 or 3 or on a PBN as they can still carry some link juice or do you just in them? Thanks
  4. VibroHeavenUK

    Posting guest posts question.

    Hi, I'm a member of a group on Facebook and many people are offering free guest posts on their sites. Their DRs are low and they are obviously hoping that the free posted content will increase their DR so they can start charging people to post. Is it worth posting an article while the DR is...
  5. VibroHeavenUK

    I need webhosting, what do you BlackHatters have? Requirements in thread.

    Hi everyone. Please don't laugh but I'm with Hostinger and my site had been down for 24 hours now and I'm being told to be patient :mad::mad::mad: I can't even transfer it to another server due to the outage. What I need/want is: Monthly payments (I cannot afford to buy a year or two at the...
  6. VibroHeavenUK

    Blogging advice needed, not sure which way to go......

    Hello everyone, I need some advice on what steps to take with blogging. I have an eCommerce website with a blog attached but I need to branch out and get posts on other sites for link diversity. Last night, I came up with the idea to us Blogger and then blast it with links but I've read that...
  7. VibroHeavenUK Game Changing AI Content Writer.

    Hi, I wanted to share this website, I am no way affiliated with this site but I'm so impressed. that I needed to share it. I got a DM on Facebook telling me about it and I thought I would give it a go as my brain has died regarding content writing! They have 3 plans, the free one gives you 10...
  8. VibroHeavenUK

    I need help with KeyWords and SEO for my website.

    Hi, I'm looking for someone to help with KeyWords and SEO. Please let me know what services you offer and price. Thanks
  9. VibroHeavenUK

    Should I show stock amount on my website?

    Hi, I have a website that I use for dropshipping, in the CSV file, one of the choices I have is to show the stock quantity or not but it shows the quantity my supplier has in stock which can be thousands. So should I show the stock quantity or not? I have arguments for and against and cannot...
  10. VibroHeavenUK

    I need a simple video creator for TiKTok an YouTube for drop shipped products, any ideas?

    Hi, As the title states, I need a simple video editor/creator. I'm only going to be able to use the drop shippers photos for now instead of the actual products. Any ideas please and thanks in advance.
  11. VibroHeavenUK

    How much should you change a product description when dropshipping?

    Hi, I've read that changing the product description that is supplied from dropshipping websites is a must for SEO but my question is how much should you change them for it to make a difference? I'm currently working through 1,900+ products, on some I'm changing 10 words plus on others probably...
  12. VibroHeavenUK

    Never Google Chaterbate when you are sitting next to your 10 year old daughter!!!

    I had no idea what it was but seen it in the forums many times, so after searching images of insects etc with my daughter, I looked it up on the images setting :eek::eek::eek: I've never shut down my laptop lid so fast!!!
  13. VibroHeavenUK

    Can someone on Tesco Mobile in the UK check a website for me please?

    Hi everyone, My friend has been trying to access my website but it always comes up with a server error, yet when I check everything seems fine but I'm not on Tesco Mobile. If you are, could you PM me please to check it for me? Thanks
  14. VibroHeavenUK

    Cumulative Layout Shifts (CLS) help needed on Wordpress site.

    Hello everyone. I'm trying to solve the CLS problem on my website which is driving me insane! I've run it through different websites and got different results but Google PageSpeed Insights tells me its a problem while some others don't but as Google is the biggest search engine, I want to play...
  15. VibroHeavenUK

    Has anyone used or does use

    Hi, I've been using Snizls free plan for a while but they keep offering half price premium membership, £5 instead of £10. This is what they say they do: 'With Premium, we share every Post you create to external sites for better results, plus, we feature your Posts in our Promotional Emails...
  16. VibroHeavenUK

    I need an domain to access my Google Adwords details.

    Confusing I know! Basically I used to use Google Adwords on an old domain and cannot for the life of me remember my password, Google will send a reminder to my old domain email address but I no longer have access to it, so does anyone know the cheapest place to buy an domain...
  17. VibroHeavenUK

    How long does it take for Keywords to start working?

    Hi everyone. I did some keyword research around the 19th/20th December and changed a lot Keywords, Meta Descriptions etc but not seeing a lot of improvements. According to Google Search Console, I'm moving up 0.1 place every day but when I search for my keywords using Incognito mode ( as I have...
  18. VibroHeavenUK

    Free Form Filler Needed for doing backlinks manually.

    Hi everyone. I'm looking for recommendations for some form filling software that is FREE, something that will remember the username, email address etc as doing this manually is time consuming and tedious. I remember 10+ years ago, these were all free and in abundance on the web! Thanks in advance
  19. VibroHeavenUK

    Confused!! Can someone explain how BHW is my top linking site please?

    Hi, As above, I was checking my links on Google Search Console and surprised to BHW is my top linking site? As far as I am aware, I don't have my site published on here?? Thanks in advance.
  20. VibroHeavenUK

    According to Hostinger I'm exceeding my hosting plan!!

    I got this email from Hostinger today: So I log in and get this message: I then check my usage: I'm really worried and must upgrade as soon as possible :D:D:D I wonder how many more people they will try to get to upgrade!