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  1. adamster

    Authority site Diagram

    I am just curious to hear any feedback about repeating the link structure in mutiple shared hosting accounts to create an authority site. I have personally tried it and find it very effective on 'single" accounts but wondering if this will be mutiplied as shown in the diagram G wont penalize all...
  2. adamster

    Enom lost my domains

    I logged in to my enom account so I can auto renew some domains which will expire next month and to my surprise there were non showing on the user control panel. I've decided to email supoort and they claim that I do not have any domains registered with them! We are talking about 25 domains...
  3. adamster

    Signle Wordpress theme and blogfarming

    I was wondering if there is any way to make a wordpress theme unique for every blog in my blogfarm. I have one theme which I like and would like to use it on every site. I am willing to make the necessary changes to the theme so I wont get slapped by G. Thanks
  4. adamster

    G00gle Search Wiki

    Came across some useful information about the new G00gle search wiki that everyone was concerned about.
  5. adamster

    Xrumer $99 legit?

    I was browsing DP today which I haven't been on for a month and found a seller who is selling xrumer for $99 :eek:. The question in mind is this legit? hxxp://forums.digitalpoint.c0m/showthread.php?t=1146119
  6. adamster

    Directory submission, is it worth it?

    Just wondering if G00gle is still considering directory submission or should we just forget about it?
  7. adamster

    Need an opinion

    Hey I need some help with my website. All i need is an opinion. I have a website about x subject and have about 50 articles in it. The site is indexed and I'm trying to build some backlinks. I would like to get some feedback on how to get some backlinks without getting the site banned or...
  8. adamster

    Hiding affiliate links from Google

    Hi Is there a way to hide the affiliate links from Google? Thanks
  9. adamster

    Proxy program for SEONuke & BMD

    Can anyone suggest a good free proxy program that will work with SEOnuke and BMD? If you could also suggest a fast proxy list as well. Thanks
  10. adamster

    Can anyone refer me to a 3 column wordpress theme?

    I was going through the wordpress themes in the forum which are being offered by the memmbers and couldnt find anything that's 3 columns and family oriented theme. The free ones I found have too many links on them. Thanks