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  1. pennypenguin

    'Impossible Utopia' Please Sir

    Am I allowed to post this? Happy weekend everyone!
  2. pennypenguin

    Please do a bit more to protect members against the scammers :)

    Obviously this is a public forum, so I don't expect anyone to hold my hand OR your hand OR anyone's hand. Pigs get slaughtered... BUT HEAR ME OUT! Over the years I've grown tired of seeing people get scammed and lose trust in humanity. We are black hat, but are we all evil? Each buyer must do...
  3. pennypenguin

    Hello to all you crazy hustlers

    Hello you. First of all I want to say sorry. Sorry for lurking all these years and not giving a damn thing back. That might not change... but I'm going to give it a shot :) Maybe I'll share a journey or random nuggets here and there... I don't want to say much about myself BUT I'm a web dev...