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  1. davidsmurf

    What's your opinion on NextJS blogs?

    I've been recently learning how to make a shopify APP and ran into NextJS. I was really impressed not only by the website templates they provide, but also on how fast everything loads on the browser. Their web store took 1.5s to fully load on google speed, while most shopify page take 7 seconds+...
  2. davidsmurf

    Clickbank Iframe

    I'm trying to load an offer on my website using an Iframe, everything works fine if you don't use HTTPS. It seems that when you load the clickbank link, it sends back an HTTP response with a new token, this makes it pretty much impossible to load the offer page on my website with a secure...
  3. davidsmurf

    Running a VM inside Android

    I'm coming up with ideas to fully automate a cellphone, I was able to do it connecting to my computer via adb. But now I want to do something more practical, running the entire automation from phone without the need for a computer. I tried doing this by building an APP, but unfortunately you...
  4. davidsmurf

    What should I do with my 30k email list?

    I have a considerable mail lo Iist that I’ve gathered from my dropshipping store over the years. I already make some money from it during key periods like Black Friday etc.. im needing money and I wonder if theres anyway i could make money by sending spam offers like viagra, etc… i wont be...
  5. davidsmurf

    Are there any legit content locker offers?

    Today I tried to get into content lockers and got into CPA grip, however I was quite disappointed that all the top offers were for things that looked quite scammy (PS5 giveaway, give me your mother's credit card number and claim your iphone13) One of the offers was a funnel for a psychic lmao...
  6. davidsmurf

    Instagram Scraper

    Hello Guys, I skimmed a book about scraping and decided to make my own instagram scraper using selenium and an old instagram account. The bot was supposed to: 1 - Scroll through entire profile 2 - Count each post comment and like 3 - Capture the post thumbnail and classify it as relevant or...
  7. davidsmurf

    Can Blackhat tatics in social media hurt your rankings?

    I've been using addmefast for a couple weeks and one thing that I noticed is that 50% of likes in your page end up disappearing after 1 or 2 days, that's a huge footprint. I already have 200 people who liked my page and then 2 days later disliked it. Does anyone know if that can negatively...
  8. davidsmurf

    New user from Brazil hoping to afford some bananas huehue.

    Hello I've been watching BHW for a while but never had the courage to set a domain to try some strategies. I'm hoping to find people to test new ideas, anyone from Brazil?