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  1. egomOnia

    CAPTCHA Solver Plugin for Firefox

    In this thread I will talk about a lot of different Firefox plugins and scripts which could help to develop a CAPTCHA solver for Firefox. I have found a lot of bits and pieces which could probably be used by someone who knows Javascript and probably a few other programming languages as well...
  2. egomOnia

    Wordpress Plugin to create posts for specific Amazon products?

    Is there a plugin which can automatically or at least manually create posts for products manually specified using ASIN numbers?
  3. egomOnia

    How to insert a randomly chosen link into a post?

    I'd like to add one static (!) link to each post on one of my blogs. The link should be chosen randomly from a list I create. The list would basically look like this: <a href="URL1" title="TITLE1">ANCHOR1</a> <a href="URL2" title="TITLE2">ANCHOR2</a> <a href="URL3" title="TITLE3">ANCHOR3</a>...
  4. egomOnia

    Wordpress - Photo widget like Mashget

    I'm sure a lot of you know about, an extremely well made autoblog which has gotten all of its pages deindexed now, except for the main index page. At the right side, in the menu, there's a section which let's you choose posts by selecting corresponding thumbnail images. Do you...
  5. egomOnia

    Wordpress - "php if in_title"

    Is there some way to check if there's a certain keyword in a wordpress post title? According to the wordpress codex, there are functions like is_category, in_category or has_tags to check if a post is in a certain category or uses specific tags. But I need something like an "in_title" function...
  6. egomOnia

    Display ads only if the post title contains certain keywords

    How can I display ads in relation to a certain keyword in the post title using wordpress? It's easy to display ads in certain categories only or only if the post contains certain tags. But I need a way to target ads based on a keyword in the post title.. example: "Top 10 Acne Home Remedies" ->...
  7. egomOnia

    How many posts do your Autoblogs publish on a daily basis?

    As the title states.. how many posts do you usually let your autoblogs produce every day without your sites getting deindexed? I'm curious to see how high or low some of you go in terms of posts per day.
  8. egomOnia

    Video player without any branding?

    Does anyone here know a video sharing site using a player without branding? I'm looking for a video site where I can host videos infringing copyright and embed these in a blog but without the video player having branding and without being able to double-click on the video to get to the video...
  9. egomOnia

    Youtube Keyword Suggestor

    Is there any keyword suggestion tool for Youtube? There's one for Google, there's one for Amazon.. but for Youtube, or preferably for a variety of video sharing sites? It'd be awesome if anyone knows a tool for this or could program it. I'm sure a lot of people here would benefit from having a...
  10. egomOnia

    Who here has experience with MediaOn Hosting?

    As the title says.. who here has experience with hosting services by I'm looking for a reliable, anonymous hosting service and their offers look sweet. Their own servers in Turkey, private whois, acceptable pricing, anonymous payment options.. I've been reading through their...
  11. egomOnia

    Reasons for getting videos deleted, accounts deleted and banned

    What are the main reasons for getting videos or whole accounts deleted or being banned on Youtube? I'd just like to know. I know the following stuff is risky, obviously: 1. Everything blackhat, of course. Using blackhat tools to create fake views, subscribers etc. Automation tools.. 2. Sexy...