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  1. James Drews

    Image CDN for WordPress

    Hi, I receive a lot of spam backlinks to images of my WordPress website, I disavowed those but they are cracking up my domain rating. So I want to serve my images from a different url rather than: which cheap CDN can do this?
  2. James Drews travel backlinks

    Hey, I'm looking for travel backlinks. PM me what you can offer me.
  3. James Drews

    Expired domainnames, which one?

    Hi, I just found a awesome niche for my Amazon affiliate webshop. I have read several books and threads about SEO, and I know that the age of a domainname is important for your position in Google. What would you guys recommend me to do? Domain name A: 0 backlinks, first registered in 2001...
  4. James Drews

    AdSense experts, any advice?

    Hey BHW, I really have like a problem. I just made a website, 4 days ago, with viral news. It's in Dutch, the traffic is good and coming from Social networks like Twitter and FB. 900 - 1K uniques a day. The problem is, the AdSense is a little bit disappointing. I have 3 ad units, all styled...
  5. James Drews

    Started with a viral news site, any tips?

    Hi guys, I got inspired by others here and just thought: let's do it. So I started a viral news site like ViralNova, Buzzfeed etc. It's in Dutch, and the traffic is already doing good (around 900-1K uniques a day) my site is only 3 days online. For promotion I use Twitter and Facebook. Also...
  6. James Drews

    Is It Still Worth It To Make A Viral News Site?

    Hey guys, Do you guys think it's still worth it to create a site like: viralcircus, viralnova etc. Creating unique content and get traffic with FB Ads? I am thinking to create one, but don't know if its time wasting. And if its not, should I create a viral site for my country (Netherlands) or...
  7. James Drews

    What do you guys recommend

    Hi fellow members, I made an Badoo/Tinder clone website. I also did some SEO on it and bought some shoutouts from huge social media accounts. Currently got 200+ users. All tips on how to get more traffic/users are more then welcome!
  8. James Drews

    Need advice

    Hi, Blackhatworld. I'm currently busy with a new blog that focuses on the clothing style of all the famous people today the day. I use AdSense and I post a affiliate link to the products that celebs are wearing. For example: I hope to rank it good in Google, did some great SEO on the blog...
  9. James Drews

    Payment gateways for adult dating

    Hi, I look for payment gateways that accept Adult dating websites?
  10. James Drews

    Adult Tumblr blogs now removed from every form of search possible

    When Yahoo bought Tumblr, it suggested that its adult and porn blogs would be left alone. Users found out this wasn't true when a new adult blog search policy went public on Thursday, capping Tumblr's quarantine on adult content, which now also includes excluding adult blogs from Google, Bing...
  11. James Drews

    Starting an dating website

    Hi, guys. Is there somebody who makes money with dating websites? I have the idea to start an dating website and let people pay for more features. Maybe an dating site only for sex? I don't know, some advice would be nice. Cheers.
  12. James Drews

    Best way to promote an social marketing webshop

    Hi, Blackhat. So I just created an social marketing online shop, that sells Twitter followers, YouTube views etc. What is the best way to promote this? Hope you guys have some tips for me. Thankss.
  13. James Drews

    Twitter Massa Follow Script?

    Hi guys, I just look for an Twitter Massa Follow script. Where I just can simple enter: Username or Email Adress:Password. Thanks.
  14. James Drews

    Benjamin Lasnier

    Hi. I just saw an little kid on Instagram. benjaminlasnier, he is 13 or something.. How can this guy get almost 1 million followers?
  15. James Drews

    Amazon Affilate tricks

    Hi, friends. I just started an Amazon affilate website, everything working perfectly. But how to promote? I search for people who do Amazon Affilate too and can give me some tips and tricks. Cheers.