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  1. Bonvi

    [Suggestions] I want to offer "my" services online, should I brand my own name?

    I wonder if I should use my own name for the website? It's gonna be a dropservice website, where I redirect the tasks to freelancers in my team, and sell it all to the clients under my name. I had like 3 good name ideas but they were all taken, and I don't wnat a or something domain...
  2. Bonvi

    Drop Servicing - best way to start finding clients with E-Mail list?

    Hello, I have a small scale dropservice business, and until now I had no idea what to do with it. I was with a few agencies and get a job here and there, just not enough for it to be sustainable. Since beginning of this year I had only 8 jobs from 3 agencies, and made a whooping profit of 760...
  3. Bonvi

    Dropservicing - Where do you find people with the skills that are reliable and available?

    I am fed up with sellers on fiverr and upwork, they are all unreliable, bad communicators and 95% fo them are liars that try to upsell themselves. "Oh yes, yes, I have experience! I have done the thing many times! I am a real professional!!", everything sounds great, you outsource a contract to...
  4. Bonvi


    Is it possible to copy and paste in octoparse? So I can copy from an online document and then paste that into a google search? I only seem to be able to extract the items but then I can't use them other than save as a list. Trying for hours now but I am so unfamiliar with the program.
  5. Bonvi

    [RANT] Marinas in the SE of England suck

    I am in this marina since almost 2,5 years, and I live on my boat. Not that I would hang my undies outside to dry or constantly have parties or something but the new managment really tries to get rid of me for every little thing. The first year they didn't charge me for electric, at all. Then...
  6. Bonvi

    What's best to start with as a beginner? Dropshipping, blogging or instagram?

    Many of us newbies try to find an angle to start with and there is just too much to look into. Really just want advice on what I should focus on for my first business, what to learn about. I get a lot of different messages and I can't go in all directions at once :S My time is limited and it...
  7. Bonvi

    [LOOKING FOR] Webcrawler to research Email-Addresses

    Hello, I need a very simple webcrawler that finds me contact emails from webpages with certain keywords. Are there tools like that you know of? At best free of course. But I am open to pay a little if it's worth it.
  8. Bonvi

    Fiverr Gig gets less and less views suddenly although I am working, accepting and completing work with 5 stars everytime?

    Why do my impressions drop? What can I do against that? FIverr Community is a joke with their answers.. Just know-nothings answering to promote themselves but no real help. Maybe some of you know?
  9. Bonvi

    [NOOB] [STARTING BLOG] Need to get my ass up and do need support with the first steps. Follow along if you like.

    Hi, I have asked a few silly questions before, and spend hours browsing the old ass threads with non-working methods and figured I can waste years like this. I am not much of a writer, but I hope I still can start a blog, get it running and make profit and hopefully scale it one day enough to...
  10. Bonvi

    Can I have a quick reality check? Blogging is just copying other peoples content and putting your own spin on it.

    I haven't run a blog yet and I am a total newb, so excuse my dumb questions. But if you put it in very basic terms: Is blogging just copying from others but slighty changing it and then just market it? It seems like all the blogs I see, even the "successful" ones have pretty generic, but niche...
  11. Bonvi

    Best ways to make money with coding skills? Python in particular?

    Hi Folks, I have been looking at things I want to try to make some money, but I haven't found anything I think I can do. I am not good at selling (marketing, copywriting, ads etc etc because, in short, I have no fucking clue what I am doing or where to start. Absolutely helpless, I know...) and...
  12. Bonvi

    I need to reintroduce myself - who wants to become my friend?

    Hi folks, I am a german born, in the UK living, having travelled in every european country typa guy and I am a complete tool when it comes to make money on my own. Since 2 years I try to make money as a translator, but I haven't translated more than a few hundred words yet, and the transcription...
  13. Bonvi

    Where do I buy legit reviews for my fiverr gig?

    I struggle to get going on the website, and would like to buy a few reviews. I am willing to pay but not sure where to buy them without getting ripped off. Kind of new to the forum so please excuse me if this is the wrong sub.
  14. Bonvi

    Paypal to Cash

    Hey I have PP accounts that are actually legit. Now I have the problem; how do I get the money out without getting busted? Theyre dutch accounts. Im unsure where I was supposed to post this question. Sorry if wrong sub.
  15. Bonvi

    Investing in porn

    Hello, I have currently like 150 euro to invest. I was looking through the forum and read a bit about it but I mostly forgot everything because that was roughly a month ago and much happened in my life. So my idea was to use the money and buy a more advanced package on wordpress so I get enough...
  16. Bonvi

    Hello World

    Ha, just joking. I have not the slightest idea about coding. Last time I looked into that I was 14 and wanted to be a H4KKZ0R. But I never really learned how to code.. I found you guys because I am looking for alternative and more independent ways to create and online income besides entry level...
  17. Bonvi

    Hello World

    Please delete cause link actually worked by accident o.o