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    Programmer blackhat communities (exchanging libraries, scripts, etc?)

    yeah I have but there aren't groups I've seen on there focusing on blackhat, I already am working as a programmer so I don't necessarily need a group just for that, its more I'm looking for an online community focused around blackhat but for programmers who exchange apps, libs, scripts, etc
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    What type of software is Xrumer, scrapebox? ~ client side application?

    they are thin client multi-tier applications (or at least scrapebox is for sure as I used to use it), scrapebox has a GUI program that runs on the user's machine and then this communicates with an API on their centralized server somewhere (most likely using POST requests, as someone already...
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    Programmer blackhat communities (exchanging libraries, scripts, etc?)

    This site is good but its not exactly programmer focused, I'm a programmer who used to dabble in blackhat and haven't done much for a while (focusing on my regular programming job, etc) but now I'd like to get back into it a bit and figured if there's a place where programmers who work on...
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    Java vs C#

    I doubt c# is MUCH faster than Java, they are very similar and both use virtual machines. With c# you are married to Microsoft and all their crap so it may be harder to develop on the platform for free unless you want to dig around to pirate a bunch of software and its probably harder to run c#...
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    How would I automate this?

    Look up a tool called selenium its a website testing software with an API for all major programming languages, its really cool and one of the best for programatically building bots since it controls a real browser
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    Hired a Programmer now what?

    I'm a programmer and I used to try to hire programmers before I became one (I'm now employed as a programmer in a non-blackht field) and it rarely, if ever, worked out. Basically you can't hire someone on the cheap and expect to get much done, you need someone who has enough experience and that...
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    Need people who want to help sell web automation bots for me

    I've been working on programming bots for kind of a while now and feel that I have come to the point where I can make ones that are very effective. Just a bit of background on the bots I can make: - Programmed using a web testing framework that automates firefox (kinda like Imacros but more...
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    Is creating backlinks behind a FREE proxy bad for SEO?

    if you're a programmer, you can set up scripts that will autocheck a proxy before each action and you can add in a timeout check too so if its slow you can filter it out, I've been building an app that does this and so far its going well, this way you don't need to worry about the where the...
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    [GUIDE] How to find thousands of proxies in seconds

    If you're a programmer I can share the scripts I have with you, they are mostly in PHP but the web access parts are done in Perl as its the best language for this that I have found due to a lot of modules already written in perl for this sort of stuff, if you aren't a programmer, or aren't...
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    Is creating backlinks behind a FREE proxy bad for SEO?

    Google wouldn't know this information unless there is some manner through which the website was posting the IP address of the person who posted a link / comment on their website, I don't know of this being done at all or that google would actually parse this and interpret it as it would be...
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    [GUIDE] How to find thousands of proxies in seconds

    This method isn't all its cracked up to be.. I did something like this before where I wrote a perl / php app that does this but it also tests them and most of them are dead and it pulls in tons of duplicates it seems. I usually end up with only a few working proxies out of doing this and even...
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    With Anonymous proxy, website still detecting my computer? How is this possible?

    pretty sure I did this but maybe not (I always have like 5-10 windows open at once), well I can't re-test unless they ban me again.. the weird thing is I was initially accessing it through Perl www:mechanize (a programatic browser automation tool) in my atuomated script when I got the message...
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    With Anonymous proxy, website still detecting my computer? How is this possible?

    ahh ok, I found this: .. interesting (gulp) will have to look into this more
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    With Anonymous proxy, website still detecting my computer? How is this possible?

    Can you give any more info on this? I haven't heard of this method... I am using Ubuntu linux and don't even have flash installed but I'm not sure if you are referring to Adobe flash or if flash is just an adjective in the way you are using it
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    With Anonymous proxy, website still detecting my computer? How is this possible?

    I've been working a lot lately coding an app in PHP / Perl that will automate a lot of things, one of my main targets has been for creating accounts, sending mass emails, etc.. everything was fine until today I get this message (when testing one of my automated scripts) that said...
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    Regex driving me crazy too greedy

    I had these same types of problems before.. basically, regex isn't ideal for parsing a web page, you need to parse it using some sort of HTML parser and then just use regex to parse whats left after the initial parse... it depends on what language you are using as to which parser to use..
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    how does he do this?

    I'm sure its done with javascript, just download the web page and look through the script
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    PHP Curl Post to Decaptcher, just can't get it to work, help appreciated

    Ok I figured it out, here is the solution for POST curl for decaptcher, incase anyone needs it in the future: $jar = 'C:/Users/a/curlcookies/my_cookies.txt' ; curl_setopt($curl_exec, CURLOPT_POST, 1); curl_setopt($curl_exec, CURLOPT_HEADER, 1); curl_setopt($curl_exec, CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION...
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    cURL and myspace looking to make a bot

    No, don't look into visual studio, php curl is perfect for this, the only real part that presents any challenge is the captcha in the account creation but its just since you need to use a 3rd part api to get the captcha data... and also imacros is crap compared to php curl, I used to use it too...