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    Own a popular Wordpress/Joomla Plugin or Theme? JV with me - serious $$$$ maker

    Hi there Do you own a popular wordpress or joomla theme or plugin - or can you access the code of one (legally)? If so, I would love to speak to you about a JV. This has potential to make us both a lot of money in a short period of time. So we're clear, popular= 20,000 downloads or more...
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    Heads Up: Google Granted Patent on Invisible Text and Hidden Links

    Source: Going on some of the Google TOS, this new technology will include: Using white text on a white background Locating text behind an image Using CSS to position text off-screen Setting the font size to 0 Hiding a...
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    Broad Match is your friend! A guide on finding long-tail keywords that convert

    Hello all. Below is a simple guide on how you can identify converting long-tail keywords for any niche, using our trusty friends: The Google Adwords Keyword Tool and Broad & Exact Match. First of all, stop dismissing broad match for keyword research. If used correctly, it can be a very useful...
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    Wholesale Windows 7 Keys - starting from $5/key

    Sorry, this is temporarily on hold for the moment.