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    Does this count as Backlink?

    Does this redirection link count as Backlink? Because: access it directly from the publisher if you <a href="">click this link.</a></p>
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    Twitter - Unable to grow Profile - Nobody wants to follow!

    I'd like to discuss an issue I have with Twitter, and hear experiences, opinions. I have a Twitter Profile for my Blog/News Site (looking professional, no spammy, good posts(3-10 posts per week), good pictures + around 1k bot followers). Trying now to grow the Profile by Follow/Unfollow (Only...
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    SMM provider with HQ service for Twitter, FB, IG

    Dear Forum, I tried multiple SMM Panels in the past months (Followers, likes and shares for Twitter - FB - IG only) but the quality is so miserable that I feel forced to open this thread. I mean, service with LQ Bot followers, likes from Bangladesh etc (advertised as EU/US) that just looks like...