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  1. Pipelin

    Paranoid Android's Simple News Aggregation Sites

    Sample please.
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    Mark My Words...THIS is Coming in 2022!

    Are you prepared? What do you think? Watch the video below
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    Google News Approved Domains / Websites For Sale

    Can you tell me what is difference between your domains and websites that are approved by Google? I have 2 domains that are approved for Google News and already indexed. One domain is expiring and I am not gonna extend it. Nowadays approval is almost instantly...
  4. Pipelin

    Stranger Things!

    Leaving 2 more episodes for July is why Netflix stocks go down. I am so pissed. On this season there are more horror scenes than in the seasons before.
  5. Pipelin

    Anyone find MySQL constantly crashes while running a WordPress site on 1GB RAM VPS?

    Probably wrong hosting configuration. Which hosting are you using?
  6. Pipelin

    Luna reaches $0.01 USD!!

    Not updated screenshot but... From 343 mil Luna in circulation to 1.4 bil Luna. The price will go UP if they cut all the coins that they released in circulation which is kinda impossible (only if they slow burn them).
  7. Pipelin

    Luna reaches $0.01 USD!!

    Please be aware that many crypto exchanges will suspend Luna very soon, which will also slow the increase of the price (if the price increase). Financial advice: Don't buy LUNA.
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    I want to betatest PHPSEO PRO
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    [Free] Envato Elements - Freepik - Pngtree - Flaticon Thanks
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    Quora answers for traffic

    Sample please
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    GAB BOT??

    I am asking the same question, I cant find any working bot on the internet :( anyone can make it?
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    Where to go next? Cheap food, Good internet

    Definitely, Macedonia here is why: - Cheap unlimited optic internet 17$ for 150/150MB unlimited or 65$ for 1/1 Gbps - The whole country is covered with 4G (and 5G in the capital city), phone packages are so cheap like 15$ for unlimited calls, SMS, and 150GB internet. - Food, oh man the BEST food...
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    Life is just a simulation?

    Watch Westwrold tv show from HBO and you will get the answer :)
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    do you to suggest to me movie

    The Pursuit of Happyness
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    Hello everyone ... Can you please advise how and where can I pay for Telegram shares.

    Sorry if this is a hijacking of your thread, but if you find any service or there is any guy on BHW, please PM me. Thanks!
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    Ok bye thank you

    A little offtopic: I have a friend who works in HR and recruits mostly IT people (programmers). He offers a very good salary for my country standard which is maybe x5 bigger than regular salary. And responses from the programmers, are mostly: OK, ok tnx.