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  1. InternetWarrior

    Reposting TikToks to YouTube shorts still works! *4.5M views in 7 days*

    I believe someone else is the blind one here. It doesn't matter if he did that or not, in the end, all that matters are numbers (conversion rate and sales), all he was saying is Twitter got him a better bang for his efforts and almost 200% more sales there because of the type of traffic in the...
  2. InternetWarrior

    [FREE PREMiUM METHOD] Unlimited $500 US Adwords Accounts (Paypal NOT Nedded)

    Any updates? Did you finally make it work?
  3. InternetWarrior

    Ask me Anything About making money on Etsy (Etsy AMA)

    Fiverr affiliate Rev share vs CPA? What works best for you? or in other words, what makes you the most $$?
  4. InternetWarrior

    Ask me Anything About making money on Etsy (Etsy AMA)

    Even though I have an EIN through an LLC and ITIN, I wasn't able to open an Etsy store because they keep asking for my current address (I'm not a US citizen) and my country is not listed within the options and if I choose my LLC address and my ITIN as my SS the next step is to verify my ID. I...
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    If you had $100 to your name, what would you do?

    ROI wise? Are you starting out from scratch?
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    How I Helped My Friends Make $$$$ During COVID

    Social Media Marketing Agency
  7. InternetWarrior

    If you had $100 to your name, what would you do?

    Worth it? I don't see it helped you make more money?
  8. InternetWarrior

    Get Massive YouTube Traffic

    This post (reshared or not) + the conversation in this thread = great value for YT marketing (newbies or pros). We definitely need more posts like this on this forum.
  9. InternetWarrior

    How I Helped My Friends Make $$$$ During COVID

    I'm wondering if the other niches can be delivered online? (Aside from SMMA)
  10. InternetWarrior

    [Method] - Cashing in on Reddit - Q&A method

    What does "on a higher level" means? Higher level of moderation? Higher level of conversion??
  11. InternetWarrior

    New Youtube method?? - this is insane

    It seems that doing TikTok-style videos is the new trend on YT! Lots of things to learn and try from this...
  12. InternetWarrior

    [METHOD] How to be an eMailer $Millionaire on Autopilot in 5 Steps

    I was just about to promote a lead magnet using a new domain and follow up with emails sent from my main domain, all within the same niche/related topic of course, after reading this I'm thinking to just use my email domain with a different path or subdomain... No more bizopp, MMO niche, huh?
  13. InternetWarrior

    $6,000 Spent in Bing in last 2 months and now stuck :(

    This just happened to me today!I've been running bing ads for a couple of months now and today I noticed there were no impressions on any of my campaigns, so I immediately knew something was wrong and contacted them via live chat and they told the same: it's an account editorial review to ensure...
  14. InternetWarrior

    YT + CPA traffic/ranking

    My affiliate links shortened and masked with a custom domain (can't cloak them) I edit the vids myself, use my channel's logo, and add a CTA at the end of it The masked links are working fine, I've tested them thoroughly Is there a reason to use a bridge page besides links banning? I believe...
  15. InternetWarrior

    YT = CPA Link + Clickmagic

    I'm recently ranking using reused content on YT and starting to get 2k organic views per vid (I have enough content to upload many times a day). My plan is to include a short ad at the end of each vid promoting a SOI CPA campaigns from Maxbounty! I believe a bridge/L page will decrease my...
  16. InternetWarrior

    YT + CPA traffic/ranking

    Do you use link shorteners or bridge pages for your CPA offers? I'm kinda doing the same but I started by an easy to rank niche, now I'm looking for the best suitable affiliate and CPA offers...
  17. InternetWarrior

    Who here did the Test Vid?

    obviously sarcasm as the whole thread is!
  18. InternetWarrior

    Who here did the Test Vid?

    What a genius!