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    Best LFE Alternative

    I am hearing different opinions of Link Farm Evolution. Simply I am searching for software to crate buffer sites (blogs) between my crappy profile links and my money site. Is there any alternative of LFE?
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    Gambling hosting?

    Hey, I am planing to compete the gambling niche but I can't find reliable hosting that allows gambling sites. Would you recommend me some hosting companies that you guys are using?
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    How to monetize weather traffic?

    Hey, I am wondering how to monetize weather traffic? Is someone doing it what are the practices that you are using or just your own advise.
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    Xrumer advice of experienced users

    Hi .. I am planning to buy Xrumer but I have few questions and would like to hear the opinions of experienced members that are currently using Xrumer. 1. What is the official site? I found botmasternet (dot) com but it looks crappy and because of that I am asking that ($540 are a...