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  1. blackhatttt

    Need a guy with the US debit/credit card

    Hello! I need a guy who has a US debit/credit card to pay for service. A few months ago, they started to decline all cards, except the US ones. Moreover, they don't accept US prepaid cards. A need to pay for service, which costs $29. I can give you an extra $10 for this 5 min work...
  2. blackhatttt

    Looking for financial tranding forums/sites

    Hello, I'm looking for some forums/markets for people who do financial tranding. Like BHW is for SEO, but I want for financial tranding. Or maybe some forums, where you can sell your tranding apps, such as Thank you in advance!
  3. blackhatttt

    SMTP E-mail Servers. Unlimited E-mails. 10/10

    SMTP servers for rent SMTP server is a good solution for sending mailings without restrictions. Send email to whoever you wish with unlimited capacity and traffic. There are no limits on email delivery. We offer you: - Unlimited E-Mails - Setting records A, MX, DNS, DKIM, SPF, DMARC, PTR...
  4. blackhatttt

    Private joint venture and BST threads for CS.

    Recently i've noticed alot of people asking about cs outside the cs section. And I can see that there are alot of cs joint ventures in the joint venture sessions. As well alot of related goods for sale on the BST threads. So I think that its best to create a mini cs forum with its own joint...
  5. blackhatttt

    Looking for a web designer

    I am looking for a web designer to design a few things for me. These things will include: 1) header graphics 2) footer graphics 3) sales page (short, no copywritting involved) with login form 4) navigation bar 5) customize the look and feel of my site This should be a piece of case for...
  6. blackhatttt

    need window resizer script

    Guys can you help me out here? Basically I need a script that detects the resolution of the visitors screen and then resize the window to full screen. Please and thank you!
  7. blackhatttt

    Can anyone tell me what credits are for?

    Hi everyone, On the top right hand corner of my screen just below my name I can see that there is something called "credit". Can you please tell me what is credit and what it is for? I really appreciate your help.
  8. blackhatttt

    Hi Everyone

    I've should have posted here alot earlier. I am not making any money yet but I hope that I will soon. Anyway I got few of my sites up and running. Anyway, Love the content here.