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  1. nakamura

    [Journey] Building an iOS & Android App Empire

    Yeah, I know it can be a bad idea. I have no experience with React Native. I would recommend Flutter if you want to make it cross-platform. You can check out some YouTube videos, there are many devs comparing React Native to Flutter and so on.
  2. nakamura

    Google Blocked 3.4 Billion Ads, Restricted 5.7 Billion Ads & Suspended 5.6 Million Advertisers

    Google is low quality. If they would put a little bit more effort into their products instead of ideology and censorship, it would be much better. For example the Google Play Store. Charge developers $100 and provide a REAL service, support, etc. instead of just making it possible to create...
  3. nakamura

    It happened to me: I confused the lifetime with daily budget and spent 50k in 2 days.

    50k USD? Cookies? Zimbabwe Dollars? Korean Won?
  4. nakamura

    [Journey] Building an iOS & Android App Empire

    Yes, I am doing this stuff alone. But thinking if I should teach and bring in some of my friends. That's one of my motivations. Just sometimes when I am stuck at something or don't have much time, I will hire someone from Upwork, but that has happened only 3-4 times so far.
  5. nakamura

    [Journey] Building an iOS & Android App Empire

    yes, asking for it...also giving the people proper "motivation" to give 5 stars and a review. One of my apps got like 10k ratings and even reached the top 5 in some categories in several countries before. A Google employee asked me to have a call with them, etc. but I guess I will have to...
  6. nakamura

    [Journey] Building an iOS & Android App Empire

    Update: Uploaded a really nice app for both iOS and Android, with ads and IAP, in a high-competitive niche. Testing and analyzing the app now. Three things I noticed today: 1. My iOS apps have more than 80k active users in total (and hundreds of users installing it daily). This is awesome...
  7. nakamura

    what to do if a ghost is flushing my Toilet???

    I would recommend the Lady Gaga Gucci Superman Ghost Flush Course by Tai Lopez to real master flushing ghosts down the toilet
  8. nakamura

    Facebook ads confirm identity failed?

    Facebook business verification is an absolute joke. I sent them ALL KINDS of documents and these clowns still "couldn't verify" my business.
  9. nakamura

    High paying skills that can be learnt on platforms like udemy?

    - Coding (Apps, etc.) - NFT, Web3 - Crypto-related things - Digital Marketing - Virtual reality programming/designing
  10. nakamura

    Do you think Elon Musk will be instrumental in curing world hunger and ensuring peace between nations?

    There are so many billionaires around, especially those with oil money. Just imagine a couple of them coming together and fixing some real issues. But nope, basically, there is just Elon Musk getting shit done. Bill Gates as well, but not sure what his motivations are. But most of the...
  11. nakamura

    How can I make money if I live in Russia

    That's what the people don't get. Suggesting such a thing is plain stupid, really low-resolution thinking. Its like saying: "Oh, you live in a poor country? Then why don't you just move to a rich country?" Yeah, but in the post you are quoting I am not discussing political stuff. I am talking...
  12. nakamura

    How can I make money if I live in Russia

    People still didn't understand it. Social media platforms, payment providers, ad networks, etc. all jumped on the hype train and blocked the Russian population. And these guys EVEN go so far, that they would hurt their own business and lose millions of $, because of political bullshit or...
  13. nakamura

    How can I make money if I live in Russia

    Why are you guys making this thread political? Just give him the advice to earn money online, how to accept payments, etc. And these guys saying: "Move" - yeah guys, seriously? In every f*cking thread, people are offering VPS, VPNs, Stealth Paypal accounts, PVA accounts from other countries...
  14. nakamura

    301 Redirect for a algo penalized domain?

    My experiences with around 10 domains that got hit by an algo penalty and I 301 redirect then: The algo penalty will also be transferred to the new domain. You will gain back the original rankings, but then after a couple of days/weeks you will lose them. Just a matter of time. Have tried it so...
  15. nakamura

    Can I make good money from Relationship/Dating Niche?

    Yes, one of the most profitable and therefore also highly competitive
  16. nakamura

    Coinbase warns its 98million customers they may lose ALL their crypto if company goes bankrupt

    Funny Coinbase "warns" their users. Did you guys check how much money their CEO gave himself as a "bonus"? Its absolutely ridiculous
  17. nakamura

    Dating apps are the best way to gain Instagram followers

    Well, I think it's a bit more complicated. There is quite a hype for all these K-Pop and drama TV shows. Almost half of the users (or even more) in Korea use this "Passport" feature, but they are not physically in Korea. And guess? These girls, who are using the passport feature in Korea are...
  18. nakamura

    Reddit is a failed social media platform

    Btw. Reddit is probably the best place ever if you are the type of person who always wants to please others and always says what others want to hear. This gets you instant karma
  19. nakamura

    Why do everyone hates the US when it is the best country to live on the planet?

    I think for ambitious and entrepreneurial people it is probably the best place to live.