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  1. Pterozaur

    RankerX - adding custom sites and getting them included in campaigns

    Hello black hat wearers :) I need massive help. As you probably know there isn't much tutorials about RankerX. I need someone to help me with adding custom sites into rankerX and getting those sites included in the campaigns. Also, I'm interested to buy some massive list of websites that I can...
  2. Pterozaur

    RankerX - any advise on how to use it?

    I'm testing RankrX right now. I've created couple of campaigns following the tutorial they provided. To my surprise these campaign are never getting completed. I managed to get some backlinks on tier 1 and 2 but some parts of campaigns are still showing "scheduled" status since couple days. I...
  3. Pterozaur

    Daily amount of backlinks into premium indexer.

    What would be optimal daily backlinks mount I can add to premium indexers like without getting my website banned?
  4. Pterozaur

    Adding backlinks into sitemap - will that help rank faster?

    Hi, I was wondering if I will add backlinks (pages that have DF link to my site) into sitemap and then submit that sitemap into google then is that going to help rank faster and higher or there will be opposite effect? Or is there going to be no impact whatsoever? Thanks
  5. Pterozaur

    I need someone to perform server and domain audit

    Hello, Please take a look at this black hat niche website: I would like to know exactly what makes it "bulletproof". Certainly many people have reported it previously to domain registrar and hosting provider but it keep standing safe and well. I would like to...
  6. Pterozaur

    2000 backlinks from 70-90 DA, premium indexers and still not ranking.

    Like how is that even possible? I've got website with 2000+ back links from domains between 70 and 90 DA, I'm using to index links, 80+ posts indexed by Google and website is still not ranking. It is the niche that has 1500 searches per month. Meanwhile there is another...
  7. Pterozaur

    Listing all back links under single URL

    Forgive me my lack of knowledge but... if I will make single HTML page with all of my backlinks listed and then I will get that page indexed, then will all the other backlinks on that page get indexed too? If yes, then will this page be crawled only once or multiple times if I will keep adding...
  8. Pterozaur

    Multiple keywords ina single article + Free DA90 backlink

    First of all here is a website where you can add DA90 backlink for free and anchor/label it the way you like: <- just sign up and create new note. You are welcome. And now my question: If I'm ranking my website for lets say 10 major keywords and I'm submitting article to...
  9. Pterozaur

    What happens if I submit someones sitemap under my google search console property?

    Just like in the title, if I will submit someone's sitemap into google search console or connect someones sitemap into mine, is it going to help rank my website or will that help the other website to rank?
  10. Pterozaur

    Blocking low DA links from Google index

    Will removing low DA links from Google index improve my ranking? I've recently submitted list of back links I don't want to point to my domain, into my search console. I've been told that this can also be harmful. Is that true that even some old DA1 back links improve Google ranking?
  11. Pterozaur

    Buying cheap back links from fiverr

    There are offers to buy 100 back links on fiverr for $5. Are these any good?
  12. Pterozaur

    What is the best hosting for BH niche?

    I need to set up new website ASAP and be sure that it will not get taken down. Any ideas what will be my best choice for that?
  13. Pterozaur

    Hosting in Cloudflare?

    Hello, I was checking when some website is hosted and it comes up that is "hosted by cloudflare"? But as far as I know couldflare doesn't host websites and it only hides information about here the site is hosted, is that right? Also, how to set up such protection against such lookup?
  14. Pterozaur

    Spying on competitors on Shopify

    Hi, What I need is a tool that will let me see same products as I have in my store in competitors store. What I mean is this: Lets say I'm selling bottle of water that I imported to my store through oberlo. I would like to see other shopify stores that have the same bottle of water listed...
  15. Pterozaur

    Best SEO Package for affiliate link and shopify

    I would like to buy 2 SEO packages from Marketplace here, one for shopify store and another one for affiliate program. There is so many of the available on the marketplace that I really don't know what to choose. All I want is to rank on the first page on google for medium difficulty keywords...
  16. Pterozaur

    How to cash out bitcoins?

    Does anyone knows how to cash out bitcoins to bank account? I've recently won some money and tried to cash out using but those sons of female dog blocked my account and requested thousands of documents. I want to avoid such situation in the future. Does anyone know any safe and...
  17. Pterozaur

    When Facebook blacklists you link...

    Hello my fellow BHW'ers, I was wondering what to do when facebook blacklists your link? It appears that and other link shorteners doesn't work either, but I'm sure some of you have some tips and tricks on how to bypass that. Any ideas / suggestions / solutions? Any help will be greatly...
  18. Pterozaur

    Accepting crypto payments on your website

    Hello, I'm looking for some system/platform to accept crypto payments on my website, ideally if that is possible to with the checkout on shopify for example, but not necessarily. I know that there is plenty of platforms on the internet but I'm looking for something that doesn't require you to...
  19. Pterozaur

    Any good alternatives to google ads?

    Hello, I was wondering if there are any alternatives to google ads out there that maybe suitable for BH content? Can also be contextual ads like taboola, with easy approval process.
  20. Pterozaur

    What is wrong with Google Ads?

    Hello everyone. I have massive issue with advertising on google and cannot find any solution to that as the situation is horrendous. I would just like to mention that the whole search for the answer brought me here. So, I've noticed that my ads account got blocked one day. "Not big deal" I...