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    Best payment method for selling digital stuff ? (avoiding paypal)

    thanks. and thanks everybody for the infos. What about the cashout, do they block/ask for papers after a certains amount ? otherwise, paddle sounds great for me, except for the fees.
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    Best payment method for selling digital stuff ? (avoiding paypal)

    I'm selling advice/method on a game for improving their experience/gameplay. What i'm selling is a video showing them how to do it. Nothing more. I don't know if paddle would be good for that, it's a bit specific.
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    Best payment method for selling digital stuff ? (avoiding paypal)

    Hello there, I have created some whitehat digital stuff i'm gonna sell via discord and i was looking for a good payment method to evade being refunded and also not limited when i want to withdraw. The thing is, i have no official working statut for now (i'm waiting to see how it will goes) so...
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    Successful youtube career

    problem with adsense is you can't own multiple adsense accounts, they are very clear on that. Making more than one can also make you lose all your work. I guess you can create some with your mom/gf/brother name to counter that.
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    Question for people running shorts channels

    there is no point of stealing shorts video and making shorts if you want to make money at the end. You want something who work at the end ? do you own content, it"s not hard, especially with shorts since video are ... shorts. I remember few months ago i found a channel in my niche, i copied...
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    Buying monetized channel vs. starting from no subs? (also, growing channel niche by reposting popular content?)

    there is no point of deleting the videos you made before if they are in the same niche. You gonna lost trafic and also send bad signals to youtube.
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    YouTube shorts channel into something else

    That's depend if your tiktok nich is related to your long videos niche and how many subscribers you did generate with tiktok. Some ppl do it with shorts story, they make 200/300k per shorts and sometimes a 5/10min video who make 100k~~. Deleting all your tiktok videos is a bad idea, you will...
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    Tips To Help Your YouTube Channel

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    Tips To Help Your YouTube Channel

    Everything is findable on internet, that doesn't mean you will find it, anyway, some informations he shared are not findable that easly at all, and i know youtube very well. The strategist part was not important at all, you didn't read what he was saying. He didn't say he was one, or can help...
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    Tips To Help Your YouTube Channel

    Yep, but as someone who know youtube well, that's not related to his advices, they were good.
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    How legit is using someone else's Twitch clips?

    I see a lot of ppl spreading false informations here. i have a channel with 70k subs based on twitch clips, and there is a ton of big channel especialy in gaming niche that have no problems since years, so "being big" has nothing to do with getting flagged. Which matter is : how you gather the...
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    Tips To Help Your YouTube Channel

    About suggested videos algorithm. When i was making a shit ton of views, i worked on that, and especialy on : how to rank with the help of a competitor/big channel. I realized the keywords were not that important if your goal is to make a video exploding. Let's be clear, keywords ARE important...
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    Buy Instagram Followers | Buy YouTube Views | Buy YouTube Subscribers | And Much More at

    Hello, where do we need to contact you for using paypal ? thanks
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    Anyone got paid here from the YouTube shorts fund?

    what i can tell you is you earn "less" than normal video, way less.
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    This yt channel is ... absolutely crazy... crazy journey

    it also confirm also that, even if 10min + video rank higher in general, it's sometime way better to have short content with massive amount of interactions in this kind of niche. Of course it's not the perfect exemple, since he make millions of views, so at this point, length is not even...
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    Need Help !!! Copyright claimed.

    The thing is ( except if they changed it recently) when you appeal, it goes directly to the guy who ask for your video to be shutdown. It's a non sens, since the guy will not change his mind if he decided to report you. You have to reach youtube out of youtube to get result, at least, when it...
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    YouTube Shorts Channel Experiment

    that's interesing. from my tests, the #shorts tag is more likely to decrease ranking (with small channel and only organics views). Coupled with sexy, will be interesting to see if it can change that factor. edit : damn youtube
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    Tips To Help Your YouTube Channel

    Hello and thanks for the tips. I have a question regardless panel, you can reply in private if needed. I'm not looking for the name of the panel you using, but more for the "views" you recommend to use. Cause you didn't talked about that is your previous post, but bad views can really kill a...
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    [METHOD] How to Rank a YouTube LiveStream video [Full Guide] 11/2019

    thanks a lot for the answer. In my case i'm not promoting any offer. I'm just trying to rank a video in gaming niche (tutorial) (10min ~~) so i'm searching how to take advantage of that. Maybe loop it and check the subscribers gain, hmm !